Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Arrival, Post-Apocalyptic oWoD meets nWoD game

The Arrival System: New World of Darkness with some Old World of Darkness mixed in.
Setting: Predominately Old World of Darkness but with nWoD Vampires, Werewolves and Changelings.
Location: New York, 2035, late September.
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Action Horror.
Storyteller: My Husband.
Player: Me!

My character: Nicovia Chetaine.  An alleged Infant Diabolique (basically, a Lucifuge without the training) with more experience points than sense.  I literally have just over 300 experience points settled into her nineteen-year-old frame but the reasons for this will become obvious as the game progresses.  She starts off with the ability to spend her magic points to gain werewolf-like regeneration or immunity to mind control for a scene.  She can also spend those magic points (most WoD system has some form of magic points by the way - blood or essence or plasm) on healing on a one-for-one basis.

These aren't powers the average Infant Diabolique possesses but she assumes it's normal.  She lives in a very large settlement as far as post-apocalyptic New York is concerned.  Population: About 270.  The inhabitants call it 'New York' because as far as they're concerned they're the only slice of life that matches the actual city.  Everyone else uses the derogatory term "Demonhold", partly because it's the only place that holds back the demons, partly because the bastards won't share their protections, and partly because of rumors about the ruling family and how they got those protections.

Nico Chetaine is the middle child of the rulers of "Demonhold".  Her family contains a long line of infant diaboliques traced back over twenty one generations.  Every seven generations her family is proud to claim an infernally soaked set of children whose powers aid them in binding and controlling demons to ensure appropriate pacts are made for the generations thereafter.

Since the apocalypse led to demons landing on this world and destroying much of everything, even her family aren't so pro-demons anymore although they are still proud of their lineage.  Her mother rules it all with an iron thumb, married to a cousin who does what she say.  The family are brought up to indulge in their vices though, admittedly, Nico was the black sheep by choosing to subsume her gluttony and desire for action into her role as a scavenger and patrolwoman, taking on training at the early age of 12.

So how was New York destroyed THIS time?  Since New York is always targeted by every apocalypse.

Well, after the demons rushed loose there was a giant demon who leapt into the air into the upper atmosphere and then crashed down into Manhatten like a meteorite, killing many demons, turning all of Manhatten's buildings to sand, wiping out loads of people, and damaging the buildings in the surrounding boroughs.

So New York is a concrete-sandy wasteland with far few people around.  300 people in a particular settlement is considered to be a BIG settlement.

Next week I'll post up what happened in the first session.  Feel free to post any questions as we go along.  This should be far more easy to follow than Dystopic as the setting is quite small and contained rather than covering multiple semi-apocalypses and genres on each country on earth.

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