Friday, October 4, 2013

Class Specific Relics, Guardians & Rangers

Both guardians and rangers in Fianyarr make their way through the wild places of the world where the ten races haven't claimed control of the land.  Both also often fulfil a protective function for their society, act as guides through dangerous places, and champion the needs of nature (though this is more likely with a guardian than a ranger).  While there are many differences between the two paths with guardians attempting to deflect or delay a terrible future while rangers focus on present issues and circumstances, the two paths are still close enough to be twin paths and sometimes those of one path can benefit from relics dedicated to those of the other path.


(*) Perfect Quiver: Sometimes rangers have a need for a particular type of arrow but they don't have time to pick it out from the quiver.  So long as they have the arrow within their quiver, they don't need to take any additional time to draw it and won't accidentally pull a special arrow by mistake.  The quiver also won't spill nor get in the way of the rangers' movements even if they are crawling through a tight cave.  This costs only a single glamour a week.  Tell: The quiver seems to hold its arrows oddly upright and sometimes the arrows can be seen to shuffle around as the ranger reaches up to take a specific one.

(**) Wilderness Boots: These boots, when activated, allow the ranger to ignore terrain penalties (i.e. snow, slick roads, scree) and provide a -2 penalty against anyone attempting to track the ranger.  These boots require a point of glamour each week.  Tell: The soles and edges of these boots often seem encrusted with slow or water.

(***) Tanglebolas: This item appears to be an ordinary set of bolas until used.  Then the lines will struggle to hold the victim prone and will force the victim to make an opposed Grapple check against 6 dice in order to get loose.   Tell: The tanglebolas seem to twitch occasionally.

(****) Gloves of the Arrow Thief 
Rangers have learned the dangers of being shot by an arrow and so some have invested in purchasing a set of gloves which will help protect them from being on a receiving end.  When someone fires an arrow at a ranger they may activate these gloves and roll Dexterity + Athletics to catch the arrow mid-flight.  Only a single success is required.  This can be activated once per turn.  Tell: These gloves occasionally have a metallic sheen or blur.

(*****) Bow of Flaming Ammunition
This bow can be empowered to create a flaming arrow out of the very air. All the users need to is draw the bowstring and spend a point of Glamour.  These arrows deal +3L on top of the usual damage dealt by the bow and have a chance of setting the target alight with a contested Wyrd + Athletics versus Wyrd roll. Those set alight take one damage from fire until they successfully smother the flames.   Naturally these arrows also provide an intangible light as though cast by a Size 1 flame.  The arrow remains in place until the bowstring is released or until the Glamour is reabsorbed by the user which harmlessly removes the arrow from existence. Tell: This bow feels warm to the touch and has a slightly glowing flame sigil etched into the side.

(* to ***)Fellman's Axe: This axe can ignore one point of Durability on natural objects (stone, wood, etc.) per point purchased in this merit. Tell: The axe makes a rather sharp noise when swung through the air.


(*) Ring of Mind Power Detection:  When another character attempts to mentally manipulate the guardian, that guardian may roll Wits + Wyrd to detect that someone has just tried to affect their mind although they won't necessarily know who.Tell: Wearing the ring provides a sense of comfort and confidence.

(**) Ring of Force Shield: Sometimes it's a good idea to have a shield without having to wield a shield and deal with all of the awkwardness that includes. With this ring, a guardian can activate a force shield once per day that floats in front of her and acts just like a shield - providing all of the same bonuses but without any of the nasty penalties. Tell: When tilted in the light in a certain way, a little translucent shield can be seen floating above the ring.

(***) Ring of Locate Creature or Locate Objects: The guardian gains a +5 bonus to track a creature or object so long as they either have a piece of that creature / object, something dear to the person or can hold an image of it in their mind. While they still must make survival checks to track the creature or object, they can follow a trail even when one wouldn't otherwise exist - such as if the person or object was teleported away the guardian could still find some form of 'trail' that leads it in its direction.Tell: The ring seems to vibrate slightly when held toward an object loved by the wielder.

(****) Eyeglass of the Past:  This pair of eyeglasses is keyed to the past and allows a person the ability to see strong resonances in the local area with a Wits + Wyrd roll. This might involve death stains or it could involve seeing lust resonance or romance or subjugation. Through seeing the resonance of a location, the guardian can get a better understanding of what regularly happens there.  Tell:There is an etching of an hourglass on the edge of the eyeglasses that sometimes appears to turn.

(*****) Sword of the Wilds: Guardians always seek to expand their knowledge but they rarely have time to sit down and read books on the situation.  These swords make it easier for them.  This relic whispers into the mind of the user and can provide advice on how to deal with tricky situations.  This sword possesses Danger Sense (dice pool of 2) and can warn the user but may also have three dots in a mental skill - normally Medicine, Occult, and Riddles.  These three dots are rolled as a separate dice pool.Tell: This sword whispers into the mind of the user though when first picked up the whispers are often vague and indistinct.

(* to ***) Ring of Mental Protection: For every point purchased in this object, the guardian may re-roll a single dice on a resistance check against mental effects. The player chooses which dice. If the guardian is reduced to a chance die, they may re-roll that chance die as many times as they have dots in this merit. Tell: The ring has an image of a dove engraved onto it and when it is used the dove's wings are open but when it is dormant the wings are down.

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