Sunday, November 17, 2013

Arrival: Death Woman's Diary

Nico took the diary and returned to the house where they had left the injured meteorologist. Nico read the diary while the others took a look at the artbook.

The diary was obviously written by a very deranged and angst-ridden teenager. Worse, the teenager appeared to be very, very possessed. She referred to herself as an demon of death, though indicated she originally had another purpose involving the making of mountains. The diary writer stated that once she had made one too big and was scolded by the demon that inhabited the principal, whom she referred to as the Planetary Pathway and whom she seemed to simultaneously admire (and wish for recognition) and scorn.

She also referred to another student alternatively as Timothy and a demonic name. Allegedly that teenager was a do-gooder demon who was trying to keep the school's horrors at bay. She seemed to be quite fixated on his musculature and sexuality in a very teenaged way, simultaneously despising and lusting after him. There were drawn penises. Naturally. Sometimes crossed out Timothy-penises.

While Nico didn't take much stock in the idea of a 'good' demon, she was aware that demons despised the Abyss and some of the elements of the school sounded abyssal. Perhaps this Timothy demon was striving to attack the Abyss?

Nico was also well aware that there were both seemingly helpful demons (no less nasty) and those who craved simple violence. This diary did seem to be connected to the vice of Wrath with a solid dose of Envy.

Which would make the Timothy demon linked to Pride?

She couldn't draw a bead on the Principal Demon's sin. Nico could tell only that he was much more highly ranked than both Timothy and the diarist.

The diarist had killed half a dozen people including her mother while she slept (though seemed to fantasize about killing many more), and was controlling a bunch of vampires. Apparently the diarist lost that group of vampires when Maksim Rukov attacked them and brought the cops into the fray. The vampires killed a bunch of cops but died in turn.

The diarist's apparently retaliated by 'outing' Maksim Rukov to the larger community of demons while he was trying to keep his head down at the school. Maksim was a demonic Lord who wasn't even meant to be able to walk the earth due to his size and rank. He was apparently from her faction though the diarist didn't seem to think that the demon within Maksim cared much for factions. Initially she had waited for the carnage to ensue when she discovered his identity as 'Shaitan' but it seemed like he was too busy trying to deal with the school using a group of disparate supernaturals she referred to as the 'creature clique'.

The 'creature clique' contained Timothy, Billy (whom she respected as he shared the same darkness that she did), Tara, Maksim and some werewolf.

Nico was a little disappointed to hear that Maksim was a full-blooded demon rather than an Infant Diabolique like her. She had hoped to find a kindred spirit, even if one who was likely dead. He might have even had clues in his own home of how she could survive this same perilous situation ... if he had been like her.

The diary contained some information on the issues at the school. There was a form of leaper that would prowl the school at night. The students, if assaulted, would all appear to be possessed and attack whomever assaulted them. The issue had something to do with the labrynth of tunnels under the school. At one point the power within the school expanded outwards over a chunk of the New York borrough, causing most humans to vanish to become possessed though everything returned to normal when Maksim and his friends had grabbed a car and drove around causing trouble until they had forced it back - leaving it weakened for some time.

While the diarist was clearly frightened of the schools' demonstration of power, she also adored its innate violence and hoped the bird-headed thing with its hooked chain would hook Timothy through his, erm, genitalia and torture him and the rest of the 'creature clique'. Thus leaving her alone to do her thing.

The diarist sounded lovely. Her name was Alice.

Talk about Alice in Wonderland.

Nico felt a bit off after reading so much and decided to sleep on the information she had learned.

She planned to finish the diary the following day.

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