Saturday, November 16, 2013

Arrival: Tracing the Bunny Witnesses

The team head out to explore a few of the students's homes. The students with the strange icons by their names, that is, planning on looting them as they go. The first home they visit is on the edge of a really nice suburb. It's a big two-storey house with a fountain in the front yard which contained a broken cupid. The house's windows were intact, since they were further out from the blast zone, but that didn't last long as Nico smashed one of the windows to unlock the door from the inside. The house was quite flash with some nice powdered foods, spice rack and a pre-mix mudcake packet that they quickly looted alongside a laptop, laptop battery charger, and two recharger battery chargers (y'know, for the usual sorts of batteries).

Nico went upstairs before checking the basement. The student seemed to live alone and had decorated the master bedroom with lots of fluffy bunnies. The high school uniforms in the wardrobe suggested that it was indeed her room. Nico stole one of the photographs of the student, Tara, and put it with her picture of Maksim Rukov. A cupboard door didn't head into a secret room or, y'know, a cupboard.

Instead the cupboard door opened out into a massive expanse of thorny vine-wrapped clearing that looked like the vines were slowly trying to take apart the grecian pillars and murkying up the swimming pool. To make matters worse, the land seemed to stretch off even further, though most of it was too cluttered with those vines for easy passage.

They had a quick look, she chopped off a thorn and stuck it in an old jam jar from downstairs, and they left that question for another day before checking out the basement.

The basement held the jackpot.

It was a sex dungeon. Cushions, silk sheets, 'gym equipment' and a plethora of naughty toys including glow in the dark lubricant and 90 condoms filled the room. There was much looting as a lot of that stuff could be sold at high prices. Johnny Starr was quite happy to see the whole place and kept suggesting that everyone spend the winter there. Nico took a moment to lie down on the ultra soft cushions, which was the main selling point for her, though she knew the place wouldn't be quite as comfy as Johnny was hoping ... especially since she didn't want her group to turn into Team Orgy.

One of the weirdest things about the place was the half-body mannequin wearing a dominatrix outfit whose headpiece contained two large hollow bunny ears. Which was ... weird.

They gathered a lot of things to themselves including what they later referred to as their bag of dicks. Which was, quite naturally, a bag of dildos and vibrators that they fully intended to sell. Well, most of them did.

Johnny probably had a more practical use in mind for them.

The team headed onwards to the next place and found a cramped little house in a weed-strewn yard (weeds being a good sign in the mostly dead sandy expanses). Inside was a dodgy lounge room with a broken television and a ying yang table with lots of cigarette butts crushed out on it. The kitchen had lost half of its back wall, letting in a draft. The secondary bedroom was obviously a teenagers' with black-and-white stockings, moody artbooks, a diary, and lots of strewn about clothing. Johnny Starr got himself some more eyeliner, though it would need moistening. The master bedroom had been mostly empty but for an empty wardrobe and a double bed where a skeleton lay on its side.

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