Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Flashpoint: Out of Character Holidaying

I've been running a weekly Pathfinder game for at least two years, maybe more, and I need a bit of a breather so, as you've probably noticed, the Flashpoint Actual Plays have dried up since we haven't been actually playing it. This break was inspired by one of my players - the one who controlled Captain Archer - running out of afternoons in which to play.

Since we were down one character and started thinking about maybe changing to a new campaign, I decided that now would be a good time to take a six week break. As that would put the new game mid-December when we'll probably all be too busy, that six week break will likely turn into nine, but that's okay. Storytellers need holidays too, y'know!

I am still running the fortnightly Dystopic since I had about an eight week break inadvertently earlier in the year when timetables kept clashing and colliding, but I'm not doing Actual Plays for that one because it's too confusing and complicated to capture in post form. After all, I not only need to explain the adventures and character actions but the world building each and every time since so many different locations in the world play to very different tropes.

When we go back to Pathfinder, we will finish off Delvehaven and then go from there to another campaign, more than likely. It's actually quite fitting that a storm-riddled Delvehaven in Westcrown is the final adventure since the campaign began during a storm in Westcrown. So yes, more on that later.

In the meantime I'll just put up random flavoured articles on Wednesdays.

Like this one.

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