Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Masks: Prettying the Files

At present I've been downloading some of the Creative Commons Non-Commercial files from www.soundbible.com and ccmixter.org so that I can make the Masks audioplays a little more interesting for those listening in to it. Why? Well, why not, really? I'll be using Audacity - a free program - to put it all together and hopefully make it sound as thrilling and tense as it plays.

We've done the first two sessions, by the way, and last left it with James Tyler on the cusp of the Half-Moon Cult adventure. The hurricane is raging but he hasn't yet cottoned on to the fact that it's anything more than a sudden storm. Considering he's in Brooklyn at the moment that may end up getting interesting if he gets cut off due to storm surges. I know they just down the Brooklyn tunnel though I'm not sure when they did so.

When in doubt, go with whatever is most interesting, yeah?

By the way, does anybody know a good sound hosting service? I want to put them up in approximately one hour sections as thus far it's held a variety of mini-arcs within each hour. Also because I find one hour is just long enough to listen to it all in one sitting and thus reduces the need to keep finding your spot every time you pick up the sound file.


  1. Sounds like fun.

    I put my podcasts up on Archive.org and it's been fine for me. What I didn't originally realise was you can upload several files in a single collection, as with my Deathwatch ones. So if you do go for that, don't make a collection for each file, as it's a pain to find someone who'll merge them for you later. Instead make something with a more generic name like "ST Wild Masks of Nyarlathotep" and then add extra audio files as they're ready.

    I'm too lazy to add background music for ours. But then a solo game maybe has less crosstalk and random noises that need editing, so it might even out.

  2. Looking forwards to listening to these :)