Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Masks & Half Moon Cult: Musings Before Next Week's Upload

So for those of you who have been anxiously reading this in the hopes of finding an actual, y'know, Actual Play uploaded, never fear, it will be up next Monday. Presuming I can figure out how to work one of those upload sites. I've nabbed some earphones and are listening through it on the bus, figuring out where to add the odd sound and removing any irritatingly long silences because I happened to avoid putting the recorder onto that setting that condenses silences, figuring it would make the speech sound unnatural.

Thankfully, it turns out there's not a lot of long silences in most of the sessions. Just the last one. And as I, naturally, started at the end before leaping to the beginning I spent a couple hours simply snipping out long silences.

What I can say is that the first couple sessions are filled with non-Masksy goodness but I think you'll still enjoy it. I found a few chuckle spots myself and I'm liking how I sprinkled in little references to later important NPCs. I know it's very unAustralian of me to boast but ... *insert boast here*. The best part about those little name drops is how my player has no idea they will be integral to the plot later on.

I can also confidently say that he will be very shocked when Elias Jackson is murdered. Especially since I'm planning on using the spare adventure in the Masks Companion first so that the first time James is called to assist Elias, Elias lives through it. I really need him to have that assumption because he is the type of player to go and camp outside someone's hotel room while having a pal camp outside the fire escape. I mean, I could send some mythic beastie in there to kill Elias Jackson but I'd rather go with a more subtle approach.

At the moment, James doesn't know if the supernatural exists, after all.

At present James Patterson has just arrived at Sydney Silver's house in the Half Moon Cult adventure found in the New York citybook so you can see that it's still early days yet. I've made a point to have a bit of an archive of sessions in front of me - especially since I'm only doing one hour long uploads - so that I can ensure a weekly output even if we don't get a chance to game for awhile.

The trouble with recording sessions while you have a flatmate is that sometimes the flatmate wants to talk.

Also my husband and I are a bit self-conscious about recording ourselves when people know about it.

Anywho, first session up next Monday. Then you can judge for yourself how well I've done.

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