Saturday, November 9, 2013

Arrival: St. Helios Shopping Trip

So Nico is sitting at the meeting point, awaiting the vampires when she heard the car approaching (closer to midnight than dusk). As the car pulled up she started focusing on Scent of the Unrighteous and waited as the car pulled up and the red-lensed man got out with two bodyguards - a man and a woman. They all pinged as moderately sinful (Humanity 3 - 4).

She explained the situation claimed the monster was a monster akin to the draugr out of Nordic myth that would guard its treasure - often its barrow mound or sunken ship, though in this case warehouse of food - and attack those nearby. She stated that it did everything a draugr could do other than turn into mist. She also mentioned a flock of subhumans in the warrens below but that she gave it some time before heading down there to loot it and they had fled by then. The St. Helios agent gave her $1000 dollars in money that had been stamped with a red pattern to differentiate it from normal notes and a swipecard. He also offered to drive her to St. Helios but she refused and said she'd follow his tyre tracks instead.

After the car left, she told Jack about the back way in, which he promptly decided to take, going into Urshuul form and bounding away. She made another dominance play by calling after him: "What a kewwwwwtie wooggie wooggie woo-woo!". He snarled at her but kept going. At this point it must've been pretty clear that the only way this would work was if she was Alpha of their duo.

St. Helios was hidden in a massive vaulted basements below a large factory. There were people working in the factory workshop itself but she didn't get to see much about it before they led her down some stairs and through a blast door (cue in character jokes about Vault-tec that the guide didn't understand). She made a point to act very n00b-like and touristy, all eager grins and flashing her membership card about, mostly because she was out of Willpower and her vice of Gluttony is all about poor impulse control and acting the fool.

She found herself entering a large cavernous area lit with a large violet crystal dangling in the center of the dome-like sky which, she later learned, was capable of giving folk the Vitamin D they required. There was a big twilit market in the middle of the space with a few narrow lanes coming off of it lined by three-storey apartments with a slight hill at the back from which the Founders' homes could be seen. She decided to spend all of her money in a single night, reasoning that she might not return and having an inbuilt distaste toward cash as it was useless if used elsewhere.

She bought: 150g dried banana pieces ($3), real banana that she then ate ($1), 250g sugar ($10), 2 x 250g custard powder ($12), gravox tin ($8), 20 condoms ($40), 2 x 250g coffee beans ($14), 500g coffee grounds ($16), Res-Evil Energy Drink ($5), 8 x Purple Mother (drank 2) $40, red crackle nail polish ($30), black nail polish ($30), satin scarf ($20), 6 x ecstasy tablets ($60), 12 vodka shots ($44), 2 whiskey shots ($10), Mothers Milk (like from Firefly) $10, ocarina ($25), penicillin prescription's worth ($100), iodine tablets x 20 ($20), water purification tablets x 20 ($60), vitamin supplements x 50 ($50), vodka bottle ($25), $80 for two hotel rooms, pink ribbon ($3), baseball cap ($5), and lingerie ($50).

She met up with Jack a couple times and gave him $50 each meeting. Firstly stating that since he wasn't meant to be here, she wanted to keep a bit of distance and thus gave him $50 and told him to "buy something pretty". Jack didn't expect the sudden generosity but was happy to accept it. Next time when she saw him he bumped into someone and stole an access card so she gave him another $50 and went to check on the person and be sure that they weren't going to suddenly find themselves in the outside world if they didn't have one. It turned out the person was a resident so that was fine. The third meeting was pretty dull but netted him another $50.

Everyone seemed pretty normal here, really. Nothing too odd about them. The 'Founders' were known to be distant and people liked to gossip about them but that wasn't unusual. It was also kind of odd to see how people view a founding family ... considering she used to be a member of one!

She found the post-apocalyptic version of a nightclub (more of a hall with flashing lights, an iPod and speaker mix), bought plenty of booze (she needs it, takes her 11 drinks to just start getting drunk), and a couple dozen ecstasy pills from the chemist's counter. Then she hired a nice hotel room for herself and another for Jack and crashed out. Jack half-expected she'd be gone in the morning, or so it seemed when she greeted him the following morning, ready to finish getting her plans in order to head out to explore the source of the apocalypse.

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