Saturday, January 25, 2014

Arrival: Seeking the Gun

Piles of Stuff used as a Barrier
Dante had Johnny use his wind-ghost-thing to stash the notes up in a nearby building before they headed off in search of the gun that Dante had seen in his dreams that had been carried in the arms of a corpse destroyed by men in black suits. At about this time also, Dante transformed back into Nico. They had a fair bit of walking to do before they found the location. It was somehow within a single street barricaded on both sides with broken down cars and other equipment.

Annoyingly enough (and worryingly enough), the gun didn't appear to be at the other end of the street as it should be.

It seemed to be coming from somewhere underneath the soil.

Nico headed to a nearby door that was covered in government Do Not Cross tape and they headed inside a government building, heading downstairs to a large series of filing cabinets that seemed to contain taxation reports. They aimed to clear all the rooms but were assaulted time and again by men in black suits who told them it was a restricted area before trying to knock them down with fists. Soon after being 'killed', these men in black would simply disintegrate and shortly thereafter more would appear.

They would even appear out of recently cleared rooms!

The team eventually found a trapdoor with a ladder that led down into the dark depths of the sub-basements. There were two men-in-black on the ladder but they were easily dealt with. They started down the ladder and not a moment too soon as there was the clatter of dozens of footsteps as more of them made their way into the basement above.

The team made their way down to the fourth floor and started exploring, finding men-in-black with guns, some even set up behind kicked over desks, and Nico had to heal Rochelle when she got shot. Rochelle didn't even complain even though it were a bad hit. In the furthest room they found some creepy stone statues - angel and demon - with three sarcophagi. Needless to say that the team backpedalled from that little room. There was also an alchemists' room with a sigil-covered door that seemed magically sealed.

Nico could feel that the gun was on the floor above so up they went, exploring and shooting at men-in-black as they went. They found a classroom with books on magical formulae that boggled the brain. They found a few old laboratory rooms. They found the corpse that Nico had seen carrying the gun which appeared to be in a partial state of dissection on one of the gurneys. The gun itself had been placed in a hold in the wall.

Nico grabbed the gun, which had bandages wrapped around the stock, and which appeared to be both well-used and rather lovingly kept together and well-repaired. She had expected some kind of revelation when she finally found it. Some new flash of inspiration. Or at least the sense that the gun was ... well, magical. It seemed pretty ordinary to her so she just put it over her shoulder and kept going.

They found a few doors that led into kitchens and then into a long corridor flanked with fancy bedrooms well-decorated and well-kept. Most people might have seen rooms that people had lived in once. Nico saw possible loot just sitting around and being ignored.

They came across one room that just had a dirt floor with two big red fruit-like things dangling from the ceiling. Naturally Johnny poked one. Equally naturally it popped and released blood across the soil. That squicked them out a bit and Nico worried that they may have just set off some internal mechanism, but what could they do?

They kept exploring, hoping to find another way out since the one behind them was full of men-in-black.

They found a long corridor with white markings across it. The white markings grew denser as they travelled until the layers were so dense that the entire walls were pure white. At the end of the door was a thick door. Nico figured she should use one of her devil's traps before opening the door so she pulled out her spraycan.

Only to hear a masculine voice behind her ask: "What are you doing?"

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