Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Musings on Masks: Episode 06

EPISODE SUMMARY (The Funeral): Wherein James Paterson has to face his most terrible task yet - his co-investigator's funeral.  Miss Walsh, who had led him into the investigative business, is someone he deeply believes is an immortal entity and thus he finds it hard to comprehend the possibility that she could truly be dead.

EASTER EGGS: Jackson Elias' upcoming mission in South America ties him into the God of Mitnal adventure which will come up in early to mid-1939 for James.  You can find the God of Mitnal adventure included in the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion.

Mickey Mahoney from the Scoop has been fully established and I think my player will get a real kick from the reintroduction when he returns to London later on.

I'm pretty sure he just sees all these guys as colourful characters and doesn't realise that they're actually core to Masks.  There he is, figuring this is all unrelated prologue to the campaign and thus doesn't read too much into them which is a fantastic place to be.

When Jackson Elias finally dies, he will be really shocked.

PS: Sorry about the delays with this post.  It's all sorted now.

NOTE: Since there's no numbers prior to Sedated, it has been lifted after Episode 06.  Since reuploading takes so long and it's already 10PM, I have labelled this tomorrow's problem.  If you're after tonight's session, it's 06Funeral.  If you want the previous episode, it is sedated.


  1. Shannon, what would be the best way to contact you about doing a review of a Cthulhu Dark campaign we are looking to Kickstart?

  2. You can email me with the details on laraqua_sandgate@hotmail.com