Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Vampire LARP In Adelaide

Something suspicious about that sign...
Well, it's semi-official.  I am going to run a LARP.  My husband wants to run a Changeling: the Lost LARP too.  In fact, he gained inspiration for it first though wants more time to set it up and let all of the ideas bounce around in his head.  Together with a couple friends, we're actually considering going the incorporated not-for-profit route to ensure we have all the insurance and other details covered.

I want to relaunch my Vampire: the Requiem LARP but make it bigger and better next time.  The game developed a pretty neat history with some fun occult twists and turns, some interesting political connections and some hidden secrets that had only just come to light before the game ended.

I'm going to start with a single day session set in historical Adelaide for up to 40 players.  The funds raised from these tickets can go towards incorporation and public liability insurance. 

Initially I was going to have it broken into three sessions with each session set in a different time period buuut that seems pretty problematic to constume for.  Odds are the costume changes would take far too long to get back into the game.

As with most single shot games, each player will receive a set of goals to achieve and a set of abilities rather than a character sheet.  Players who are accepted into the persistent campaign may
use their current characters for it.

The persistent campaign will begin after this single day session.  Since there'll be fewer players and less of a plot focus during the main sessions, people can use their regular character sheets.  There'd be a monthly Elysium / Salon game with a heavy political and information sharing focus followed by coterie sessions which'll generally be a bit more tabletop in style and which will allow the players to do things that match both their covenant and clan unlifestyles.

The campaign itself will focus on the "lived" experience of being a vampire.  Therefore there'll be plenty of opportunities for feeding checks, interesting events and covenant-based activities such as religious ceremonies, Wyrm's Nest investigations and the destruction of court enemies.

The city of Adelaide in-game is also in a very precarious and dangerous state with three angelic figures threatening to wipe the vampires off the face of the city if they cause further problems and don't manage to halt the spread of abyssally tainted horrors.  You see, the void beneath the Adelaide Hills is releasing shadow manifestations through the ley lines of the city which means that those who spend too much time in darkness risk assault.

The people of Adelaide have responded to these risks (which few identify as supernatural) by increasing the amount of sensor lights in residential areas and neon lighting in commercial areas.  Those who have to travel at night for work purposes can also now more readily get a firearms license.  This is the Adelaide of 2044 where technology hasn't progressed in line with science fiction expectations but rather has increased predominately in the medical and communication fields as it has been doing for decades.

So, in short, I am planning to run a more investigative and occult-focused Vampire: the Requiem game with a backbone of political horror.

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