Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Twitter Links Repository

Twitter's short messages speak to the world!
So I've finally done it.  I've set up my own Twitter account over here.  Why, you say?  Well, I want to have a more easily browsable link repository and Twitter's quite good for that.  Besides which, being Twitter, folks might be prone to responding with links of their own maybe and I can then feed off other's finds and locate some tasty, tasty props and articles and other such pieces of magical horror candy....

The process will be simple.  Each month I will pick a topic and endeavour to do a daily Tweet containing a single link that matches that topic.  I'll aim for unique links - new web-sites or blogs, generally, though I may include multiple links to the same site if the threads are particularly disparate (i.e. don't share similar tags) or hard to find.  I may also put up a monthly tweet to my own blog (with the tag on it) if I have much on the subject.  If so it'll be my Day 1 post.  I've got good content here (I hope!).

I am fully aware that I may miss a day.  Since there's no way to schedule posts with Twitter, I can't see how I can avoid doing that though I will try.  Generally it won't be too hard as I can set up the link lists months in advance.  I'd just need access to someone's computer and an internet connection to put something up.

February shall be LARP advice articles and web-sites.  It's a short month and there's not a lot out there so I think it's fitting.  The focus will naturally be on horror and investigative LARPs but I'll throw in some fantasy boffer articles for good measure.

March shall be Masks of Nyarlathotep - New York Section advice.  This will include links to adventures I've either run or considered running, alongside good prop reservoirs and research locations.  A few of these may be repeats.  I do want to gather them all in one place for the interested.  Plenty of them are bound to be ones I haven't listed before.

Other likely topics would involve running an Anime-style game (ala Tenra Bansho Zero), horror roleplaying links, world of darkness links, other Mask chapter links, prop links I'm specifically using (or have used) in my upcoming vampire LARP, and other things that are vaguely related. 

Maybe some photography or craft links if I get really into claymaking or picture taking for my game recruitment purposes. 


Anywho, stay tuned, and feel free to let me know if there's any theme you'd like to see upcoming.

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