Saturday, February 8, 2014

Arrival: Kidnapping Children

The mission ended up being pretty simple. Nico took Malkiah, the Daeva, and Rochelle to Warehouse 13 where Nico made some discreet enquiries with the Warehouse 13 brothel keeper to learn more about the woman's abusive husband. After all, Nico had no confirmation that the guy was actually abusive.

Besides, the fuel supplies were getting low at the university and she needed to know if there were any likely fuel trucks or gas stations that they could siphon. She offered to give Warehouse 13 a piece of the action.

As for the abusive husband ... turns out the guy was a mean piece of work. He was also the guy in hat and suit whom Nico had been considering would make a good newspaper printer. Nico had never learned his name before so she hadn't put 2 and 2 together.

Once she was alone with her crew again, Malkiah mentioned that he could appear to be anyone so Nico sent Malkiah into the man's home while he was away and had him pretend to be the kids' father. He came out with the kids, gave them a quick speech, and passed them on to Nico in the dead of night before walking away.

Nico then headed off for the university with her pals (Malkiah now appearing as his semi-normal self) and the kids in tow.

Luck was with her.

Nothing bad happened.

They arrived just fine.

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