Thursday, February 6, 2014

Musings on Masks: Episode 10

CAMPAIGN SUMMARY: Thus far James Paterson woke up from a week long coma after being thrown through a window by an alleged gas main explosion.  He tracked down one of the other two survivors (the non-janitor one), hoping to find his beloved private investigator partner alive but instead found a lad he remembered being a True Fae from his history as a Society Vampire. 

Now James is perfectly human, the alleged True Fae (Jack Frost) is a 14-year-old lad with schizophrenia stuck in Colney Hatch Mental Institution.  A conversation with him goes nowhere with vague promises of further information if he gets Jack Frost out of the place (an aim which requires an investigation into an abusive attendant).  Naturally before that happens ... Jack Frost gets spirited out of the country by his alleged father's lawyer.

Jackson Elias, keen to get the eugenicist story (from a prequel adventure), meets up with James at a wake, and sets up a meeting with a British Intelligence Agent who encourages James to follow Jack Frost across the ocean to America in order to track down links between these secretive eugenic cults. 

In exchange for an exclusive with Prospero Press, Jackson then helps James and his teen sidekick, Charlie Adams, to get to New York and even gives him a contact with someone investigating it from the other side - someone called Sydney Silvers.

James reaches New York but finds himself flat broke.  He has to scurry to gather some money, get into some shady eviction business and then go looking for Sydney Silvers in hopes of a paid case in helping her.  Unfortunately a storm is brewing and Sydney Silvers isn't available and that's where we are right now.

EPISODE SUMMARY (Hall of Records): Wherein James Paterson, Australian private investigator in New York, tries to track down information on Eugene Vander Klei on his own and starts to question whether his initial assumptions about Jack Frost is correct.

THOUGHTS: I think I need to vary my tone a bit more. Some of these sections seem to drone on a bit, even the weather effects.  On the other hand, I also certainly feel like I've established the basic mundane atmosphere and locations quite well.  Here's hoping I managed to capture the rising tension in the next few sessions.

Which is the good / bad thing about Actual Plays.  Going over them again enables me to see the good and bad in my craft.

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