Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Musings on Masks: Episode 11

CAMPAIGN SUMMARY: James Paterson has left a message with the New York Weekly Messenger that Sydney Silvers should get in contact with him. He then went back to Manhattan and spent the rest of the day - despite the hurricane which brushed Manhattan - researching Eugene Vander Klei in the Hall of Records where he located that his son, Jack Vander Klei, got a very high score and won the Better Babies Competition.

EPISODE SUMMARY (Missing): Wherein James Paterson, Australian private investigator in New York, gets annoyed at the days which have passed since leaving a message with the New York Weekly Messenger and decides that Sydney Silvers must be dodging his calls. It turns out to be a wee bit more complicated than that...

EASTER EGGS: Poverty, booze and frustration with potential allies ... all the hallmarks of a private investigation case.

I'd thought I'd edited the lunar map to work buuuut no such luck. The dates were still wrong.

At the very end you will hear the cameo of our flatmate coming home from work.


  1. This was fun, although I worried a bit that James was going to burn important bridges.

    Was there a big baby competition boom going on? It seemed like a nice detail.

    1. It was pretty big in certain places, riding the crest of both the eugenics and health promotion waves. And yeah, James is the impatient type, which creates lots of nice in character conflict. Luckily he tried it on with the receptionist whose icy professionalism defused the situation. If he'd tried it on the boss, he'd be up on charges!