Thursday, February 6, 2014

Masks *IS* Cursed

Not the tree branch that hit me....
What is with this campaign?  So many delayed posts because of various other issues.  There was a windstorm in Adelaide on Sunday night stretching down to Monday morning that knocked a variety of tree branches down, killed electricity (in some places for 24 hours) and brought in a refreshingly cool change for about half a day.  Naturally this happened in time for me to prepare the sound file for uploading (which I normally prepare Monday night and upload Tuesday morning).

On Tuesday morning, bright and early, I set out for work and enjoy the driving wind as it brushes my face ... only to have a tree branch come down on me.  You see, gum trees lose their branches almost like a dandelion loses its fluff.  Since I was walking down a tree-lined street with reasonably short branches, the branch didn't fall very far, and since I was walking toward the middle of the narrow street, it mostly hit me with its twigs.

All I have to show for it is a long scratch on my neck, beneath the hairline, and a few scabs on my hands.  Still, worth it for the chance to tell my boss that I was an hour late in for work because a branch fell down and hit me.

Why an hour late? 

Well, I scurried home after pausing at a few crossroads and pondering my chances at a) getting home safely versus b) getting to the bus stop safely.  The former seemed likelier than the latter.  The wind died down after an hour.

My workplace is on the other side of town and therefore didn't get hit as hard by wind as we did.

Oh, a tree branch also fell into our backyard (see above) though it didn't destroy anything important.  It has taken a fair while to even begin sawing through, hence my slowness in getting my next Masks post up.  Ah well, soon it'll be uploaded.

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  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear that. It sounds like a pretty good excuse to me.