Thursday, May 8, 2014

Demon: Lore of Flame

You can create a flame of up to Size 1 anywhere you can touch which lasts for a scene or until doused which need consume no fuel (though it can).  This flame will not burn you or anyone else and can be extinguished with a thought unless placed on a flammable substance (in other words, you cannot use it to attack others with it).  If created onto a flammable substance, it burns at the intensity expected from that substance and can rapidly go out of control - unless you have a higher rating to control it (Size 1 is approximately the size of a crow).
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Presence + Science + Flame.
High Torment: Your own rage provides the flame with Intensity 1 and though it cannot burn you, it can shroud one of your hands, allowing you to have a +2 lethal brawl attack for the rest of the scene or until you concentrate to extinguish it.

Command The Spark
You can control a piece of flame up to Size 1 which becomes Intensity 1.  This flame moves up to Faith + successes in yards per turn.  It can be wielded against a living or mobile target with a successful Dexterity + Athletics roll versus defence to automatically deal 2 lethal damage to living or mobile targets.  This can also be used to extinguish Size 4 worth of flames per turn.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Wits + Science + Flame.
High Torment: Your rage allows you to move the flame with greater speed and adroitness and thus can also use it to set fire to people or object's clothing.  Refer to the Fire rules in your relevant core rulebook (World of Darkness, Blood & Smoke).

Gout of Flame
You can use this as a ranged attack with a distance equal to Faith in yards which deals damage equal to successes plus an additional 2 damage the following round.  This might manifest as either a gout of literal flame or a sensation of heat and smoke internally - which often leads to smoke leaking out of the nose and throat.  You can only douse supernatural fire controlled by another Fallen through a contested roll.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Presence + Science + Flame - Defence.
High Torment: Create a homunculi that exists only to burn.  It persists for rounds equal to Faith, Size equal to Faith and has a dice pool equal to successes plus level in this lore with a +2 weapon bonus due to intensity.  It can make independent attacks and may cause others to spend their time trying to deal with the homunculi rather than you.

Shield of Flame
You may totally ignore the harmful effects of natural fire and heat and add your Faith to your Armor rating against supernatural fire and heat.  Any who strike you automatically take 1 lethal if they attack you with brawl while you may automatically ignite any flammable material (other than clothing or other worn objects) with a touch.  This lasts for a scene.
Action: Instant.
Cost: 1 Faith.
Dice Pool: Presence + Science + Flame
High Torment: You may apply a burning shroud to a target which reduces perception and defence by successes for a scene and inflicts a -1 wound penalty to all other rolls.  This lasts for a scene.

You may douse all flame within yards equal to Faith for a scene as a moving aura (centered on you) with a clash of wills for supernatural fire OR you can become imbued with flame which provides visual penalties to those witnessing you equal to successes (which affects combat rolls) and gain said successes to defence and initiative for turns equal to successes OR you can use Gout of Flame twice in a single turn.  Only one of these effects can be active at any one time.  You can only douse supernatural fire controlled by another Fallen through a contested roll.
Action: Instant.
Cost: 1 Faith.
Dice Pool: Wits + Science + Flame.
High Torment: You can activate the second option to become imbued with flame for a scene and simultaneously either douse all flame in the local area for a single turn or use Gout of Flame twice in a single turn.

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