Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Demon: Lore of Light

Control Light
You can control the intensity and colour of existing light. You could cause a wide-angle lantern beam to focus more tightly, like a flashlight beam, or split visible white light into its full spectrum of colours, like a prism. You can brighten weak light or weaken bright lights. Successes determine the degree to which the light can be altered.  You can control sources of light equal to Faith which are located within Faith x 2 yards. Direct sunlight is so powerful that it counts as a source for each one foot patch of light which allows you to create patterns of shadows over the ground.  The Storyteller sets the successes required to perform the desired changes though generally it costs one success to shift light by a degree (Intense -> Bright -> Well-Lit -> Cozy -> Dim -> Shadowy -> Dark -> Pitch Blackness) and one success per type (changing angle of light, splitting the prism, changing the colour).  This lasts for turns equal to successes.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science + Light
High Torment: You can create a burst of light from an existing light source which then extinguishes the source of light for a scene.  You are not affected by this burst of light though others must roll Stamina to avoid taking a -2 penalty to all sight-related rolls for rounds equal to successes.  You may affect as many sources of light as you have Faith, though this doesn't affect the roll or impact on others, but it does allow you to extinguish additional sources of light.

You may warp light in a manner which creates an illusionary image or hallucinatory terrain.  The former can be quite clear and defined though it lacks certain defining qualities (i.e. true shadows) which provide the target with the chance to see that it is an illusion (at which point they may see through it as though it were translucent).  OR you may affect terrain similar to a hallucination's effects, changing colours, moving patterns, and otherwise creating a shifting and mildly disturbing effect.  You couldn't use this power to turn a room into a cave but you could affect the room so that it has a claustrophobic and cave-like quality.  This lasts for turns equal to successes unless this power is simply used to create a light source where previously there were none, in which case, it lasts for one scene.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Subterfuge + Light - Composure.
High Torment: Your illusions can become threatening to those who witness them, potentially shaking them to the core.  You gain successes on this roll as additional dice to all Intimidation rolls made for the scene against those who witnessed these illusions.

You can bend light around yourself so that people see "through you" and your carried equipment.  You may include a number of targets equal to Faith who you must be touching you during the activation of this lore.  Items that would sensibly be considered a part of your general self (such as rifles and backpacks) are covered by this lore while incredibly unwieldy objects (such as pianos or large ammo crates) count as separate objects or entities.  This only affects the target's vision.  They can smell or hear you normally.  This lasts for one scene.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Stealth + Light - Composure.
High Torment: Although you remain invisible, your emotions colour the subtle distortions that others can subconsciously detect which causes people to become hostile and volatile toward each other in your presence.  This begins with mild irritation but over the course of a scene can sometimes lead to violence, the extent of which is determined by the personalities involved and their likelihood to resort to physical violence or even murder.

Hard Light Hologram
You can create a hardened shell from light which can be used to surround oneself OR another for a form of armour (3 / 1) which can change how others see you (i.e. what you look like) - though this can only be used to appear to be at least a slightly larger person as the shell must wrap around the body.  This power lasts for hours equal to successes.  OR the hardened shell can also be created over anything within Faith equal to rounds to hide the object.  OR it can also be used to simply surround air itself - in which case the Fallen may use their Faith + successes as points which can be spread over the hologram's Power, Finesse and Resistance stats (Size 2 - 5).  The hologram can be controlled by the Fallen reflexively and will fall into stasis when you can no longer see it to move it.  You cannot use the hard light hologram to encase another and control their movements.  OR the hologram may be turned into a +3 lethal weapon which uses Athletics, Brawl, Weaponry or Firearms to control it.
Action: Instant.
Cost: 1 Faith.
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science + Light (versus Resolve + Blood Potency to avoid encasement).
High Torment: You can infest your hologram with a small part of your hatred and hostility which grants you (or the wearer) a +3 Initiative bonus in combat OR which provides the hardlight hologram with a modicum of consciousness, causing it to attack targets in melee independently of your awareness of its situation.  Unfortunately, unless you are there to control it, it will attack all people indiscriminately.

You may create a number of independent hard light holograms up to your Faith rating and, if you choose, you may reflexively become invisible at the same time (see Invisibility's entry).  These holograms may all be armed with weapons that allow them to deal +0 lethal damage in melee range.  They continue to respond for only so long as you can visually see what they are doing but while they are within view you may mentally command them as a reflexive action.  You can leave them and so long as you return within a scene (approximately one hour), they will still be there motionless unless destroyed.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science + Light.
High Torment: Your holograms are all armed with a +3 lethal weapon and have a +2 initiative bonus.  They can act independently of your presence and can reach Size 6.

NB: This is all still quite early stages for the modification.  Please don't feel shy in pointing out any failings or balance issues.  Mistakes are for learning!

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