Sunday, June 30, 2013

10 Westcrown Plot Seeds

So I've been looking for these for awhile but haven't found anything on the internets so I decided to stretch my imagination and make some myself.  I hope you find some use for them.  As always if you intend to use these please let me know in the comments section below.  That way I get to feel all proud and stuff.

1. The Hunter's Horns is a small group of young nobles who truss up a tiefling, pitch in together to pay the 'murder' bribe to the Dottari, and then release him into the most inhabited Rego Dospera an hour or two before nightfall where they promptly hunt him down and kill him. If they can't get a tiefling, they get a human convict and glue goat horns to his head.

2. The Silver Breath is a ghostly disease that is said to strike those who live by the river in the Rego Dospera. The wasting sickness is said to be created by the touch of shadowy women, perhaps ghosts, perhaps shadow beasts in their own right, and it slowly destroys a person's mind over the course of a night. The only symptoms are silvery, visible breath and weakness of mind.

3. A halfling slave has inadvertently overhead his master's plan and knows he will be executed to keep the silence. He's fled his home and now the Order of the Chain are after him.

4. A struggling businessman (perhaps even the PCs) is being beset by additional charges and fees in the hopes of pushing him into bankruptcy so that a richer merchant might take his home for a pittance and purchase him as a slave - to keep him running his own business under new managements so that the richer merchant might take his earnings for himself.

5. An enslaved gnome opera singer has been brought to Cheliax and kept in such dull, and repetitive, surrounds to encourage the Bleaching. While the opera itself is lively, there are only so many renditions before it grows dull to a gnome, and patrons keep flocking to see the same show, year after year, hoping that this one will be the gnome's last.

6. Miserisongs have come into vogue with the Chelish paying top dollar to have slaves sing songs of misery straight from the heart - particularly unique creatures like Aasimar, Elves, and Undines. The trouble is that a few of them have started becoming bards with a unique archetype that grants them the ability to inspire suicidal ideation.

7.  A Patriarch's daughter fears her marriage to a Lawful Evil but very important nobleman and wishes to find a way out.  However she also doesn't want to shame her family by disappearing on them.  She feels torn and is desperate for a way out.  If she doesn't find a way, she may well try to kill herself in a way that can be brushed off as an accident (which may be how the PCs meet her).

8.  A shadowy underworld figure is controlling a small conspiracy to gain power over a number of different bandits.  The character uses Disguise Self and other illusions to try to manipulate the adventurers into achieving his goal - even to the extent of killing an ally and then using his likeness to manipulate them.

9.  A group of weaponsmiths, armorers, alchemists and merchants are selling goods to the nonhuman rebels who are hoping to regain equality by wiping out key humans - as well as a bunch of regular citizens who happen to be in the way.  Will the adventurers assist their explosive schemes or work against it?

10.  One of the townswomen is so distressed that she throws herself off a bridge.  The following night another sets herself on fire.  The third night one falls from a building.  These events seem to follow the PCs and people start thinking that they are somehow cursed.  In truth its a demon (or perhaps a devil) who is upset at how the PCs have damaged its schemes and so is finding a particularly cruel way to plot their demise - by lynching.

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