Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flashpoint: Proteus' Imprisonment Downtimes

Yesterday was the Queen's birthday and I went to a high tea at a friend's house with a rhubarb pie rather than running the extended version of a normal gaming session, so I don't have an Actual Play for you today.  I did get to eat a whole bunch of yummy sugary snacks from people who were commissioned to try something that tested themselves in baking and which they had never baked before.  I'd thought a rhubarb pie was more difficult than it would be but as I've never made a fruit pie before I think it still counts.

So anyway, back to the topic.

Proteus' player sent me an email about what he'd be doing on the ship which has helped me with my preparations.  Thanks Frank Punch!  I thought I'd post up both his email and my own response here:

His Email

In regard to my current predicament I think I am going to hang around on the ship I’m captured on.  Be nice (as opposed to play nice). I’ll try to knock a chip off the ship to add to my collection in my own quarters with the map. Discreetly of course.  I’ll pitch in to the running of the ship if allowed, maybe teach them some things. Take the chance to admire his pretty sail deployment.  

I’ll have ongoing ‘negotiations’ as to the trade agreement.  Basically, I came peacefully looking for information and they sent a man onto either my, or my compatriots ship in the dead of night. I am not sure which, but I cannot assume it was with pleasant/friendly orders. 

I will assert my right to what is now MY ship, citing salvage rights and also the time taken and money spent to bring it up to its current level. We’ve put a lot of work into her.

I will offer allegiance, as my ‘hosts’ appear to be good, and well natured. If a little overzealous. If they think I’m presumptuous I’ll point out that they are being followed and that fact in of itself shows the dedication and skill of my compatriots. Even if I haven’t seen it myself I’ll feel the distance from myself to my familiar. I let Mamou know that I’m fine (I think Adam said you can communicate over basically any distance with a familiar, let me know if I’m wrong) and to try to find out what’s going on with their prisoner (I’ll assume he doesn’t get any information on that as it makes it easier).

I approach the captain as to a possible future... tryst... but obviously once the smoke has cleared from our current situation. And if he isn’t interested, I’ll ask permission to approach the two girls who helped him. They seem like fun.

I had not been violent at any point while being captured, just indignant. Which I believe is my right given the situation I found myself in.

But based on this I don’t think I’d have suddenly been all “DEATH TO ALL” or something stupid.  After a bit I’d have calmed down.  

My Response

They're pretty reasonable about it.  Captain Carnegie admits that it's your ship and goes further to admit that he never sailed on it himself.  That was his First Mate, back when he was Black Smoke.  Carnegie had sent him aboard to gather information from the logbooks but he guesses that the man had been spotted.  They had someone on standby who saw his hawk slain and fled back to warn Carnegie with message which is why what would have been a friendly tryst and a bit of pillow talk information gathering turned into a hostage situation.

Captain Carnegie, however, assumes that if you're anything to go by his friend is likely being well-treated.  He accepts that the Egress is no longer his friends's ship, though doubts the old Black Smoke would be too pleased about this but Carnegie is sure his First Mate will put up with the change in ownership.

Proteus would know of the Black Smoke as a moderately skilled pirate captain and smuggler who was thought to have been taken out by the Chelish at around the same location as Piccolo Island.  He didn't have a long career and therefore didn't reach his heights.  They assumed he would really become something one day as he's an aquatic elf.

Captain Carnegie does seem interested in a tryst, just not under the current circumstances.  He's happy to let you know a few other details about the information you seek.  You see, much of the information the ambassador had been dealing with were rather embarressing secret collection for future blackmail and espionage that the Taldan government wouldn't be pleased to know about.  Things like lists of Taldan defences, armaments, and blackmail material.  Some of it, however, referred to the shadow creature menace in Westcrown.  This last bit involved a number of threads of this and that which seemed to focus mostly on the criminal council of Westcrown, the Pathfinder Society hidden away in Taldar, and the Shadow Realms.  Carnegie didn't read too much into it though his Desnan Inquisitor and Druid read more about it.

The trouble is that the little tome was stolen away a month ago.  Not all of the information, mind, just the latter tips.  It was stolen by a rather powerful yet young-seeming man, a tiefling, someone in his middle teens.  Carnegie and the best of his crew were helpless against him and nearly died but the tiefling had little interest in them and simply took the book and left on another ship.  This wasn't long after a ghost ship (or rather, an abandoned ship) washed up ashore on Blood Cove.

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