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Fianyarr: Summary of the Ten Classes

The people of Fianyarr are aware of certain paths upon which certain individuals do tread.  There are many theories behind these paths.  The philosophy of the Broken Way believes these paths are wayfinders left upon the world that might guide one's soul back into divinity.  The followers of the Ten Maesters believe that there were ten legendary figures who ascended into a state of semi-divinity without leaving this world and that they bless those whose hearts are close to their own.  The worshippers of the Twelve Fates believe that the Elder Gods themselves press their blessings upon certain individuals to make our lives within our cage more palatable while also ensuring that such people are too busy to attempt to flee this cage.

No one knows the true meaning behind the paths but what is known is that some individuals gain certain blessings and find certain actions easier due to their hearts, minds and souls aligning with the mystical undercurrents of the world.  This is represented not only by the four blessings but by access to certain restricted merits that would normally be more difficult to acquire (double the experience point cost indicated unless bought with character creation dots).  This article provides a brief summary of each of the paths though if you are interested in learning more about the campaign world, you can find a list of articles over here.

Path of the Tome

These ritualists follow the path of the Tome and feel compelled to understand the connections between science and mysticism to provide tried and true methods for creating certain effects - whether chemical or otherwise.  Their magic relies on ritualism which does take a little more time to use than normal spells but they also have the ability to create certain concoctions themselves such as acid and magic nitro which can certainly be handy in a pinch.  Alchemy requires study and most people who fall onto this path become quite keen on books, often carrying quite a few, though their favored genres can vary and swing between non-fiction and fiction.  An illiterate alchemist is a rare alchemist indeed.

Path of the Performer

These musicians have an innate drive to follow the path of the Performer and entertain others with their creativity and skill.  These are the people who need those moments in the spotlight and need to share their inspirations with the world around them.  It might not be music that moves their heart but plays, paintings or books, though it must be said that music is the quickest route to a reaction.  Their creations can be inspiring or heart warming and their performances can bring luck to a friend or a curse upon the heads of their enemies.  The fickle fates seem to always look kindly upon those of this path and so woe to those who end up among a true bard's enemies.

Path of the Warrior

There are those who focus upon honing their own body to be their weapon - whether to aid them in killing monsters, attacking enemy soldiers, or even end a fight without anyone dying.  Some of the best guardsmen, bounty hunters and pit fighters end up on the Path of the Warrior though naturally people from other occupations can find themselves stumbling upon this path if they indulge in too many bar room brawls or practice too earnestly to school their bodies into being their own weapon.  Though there is nothing to stop a brawler from using a weapon, it just isn't their preference and the Path they are on has a strong focus on using their own body as their tool in most every situation.

Path of the Ivory Cause

The world holds many dangers for the sentient races.  There are creatures out there who make it their purpose to hunt people down for food, sport, or other nefarious purposes.  Such creatures often hide among their prey and are hard to weed out.  There are people in this world who are desperate to drive them out whether through destruction, banishment, and negotiation.  The Path of the Ivory Cause gives access to some mystical arts, both ritual and psychic powers, which are focused on finding and dealing with otherworldly entities, including the ability to gather clues from the past.  This path also unlocks an easier understanding of armored fighting and combat in dreams, with fists or with a heavy sword.  Though an exorcist can be found in any walk of life they often find the fates tilting them toward the monsters in their midst.

Path of the Soldier

The sentient races naturally form hierarchies of a sort and in every hierarchy there are dissenters from within and enemies from without who wish to force others to do things differently.  This path attracts those who follow one hierarchy or another and use weapons to either protect their own way of life or else to enforce it against others.  These are those whose lives rest in the strength of the weapon and the fortitude of their armor.  It is their fate to live by the sword and probably die by the sword as well.  These people tend to work with others quite well and often master a number of different forms of weaponry.  The path of a Fighter also often lends itself toward an ability and versatility upon the back of a mount.  Fighters could be a knight, a soldier, a caravan guard, a sheriff, or even a noble's daughter who has trained with weapons from an early age.

Path of the Nature's Protector
These people know the end times in its hundred forms though this knowledge may have been gleaned in many different ways.  It may have been burned into their retinas during an ancient ceremony or experienced through terrible nightmares or simply passed down through oral traditions that such individuals understand like no other.  Sometimes it is simply a knowledge as to which mountain should not be disturbed or which glade can't be cut down.  Some are surprised to see that so many guardians seem to be naieve optimists or hopeless fools.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  Guardians know what's at stake.  They see the end times that could be upon us and know it for what it truly is.  Obliteration.  They smile because it hasn't happened yet and that provides them with a level of satisfaction that few can match.  It is for these reasons that they so often champion the land and its flora and fauna as they understand the dire results that come from abusing nature.  They have access to mystical powers involving plants and animals, rituals to do with spirits and weather control, and merits to do with the "hedge" (place of existence) and the outdoors.

Path of the Staff

Every world has a need for religious guidance and, whether or not they hold any official capacity within a church or cult, there are those who follow the path of the Staff in their efforts to further the spiritual wellbeing of their communities.  These are those people who are drawn to their forms of worship and feel in a worshipful state of mind more often than most.  Such people often feel a need to be involved in the ceremonies and religious life of their communities and can be seen organising ceremonies, providing spiritual guidance, and encouraging people to take their religion seriously.  They might preach to any who listen or might simply provide a listening ear but whatever form it may take, the priest is a person who

Path of the Wilds

Some people have taken to the wilds where they help people survive the rural expanses by defending roads, roaming the wilderness, and providing guides beyond the relatively safe farmlands, villages and cities to the uncontrollable lands beyond.  This is as much a calling as a lifestyle choice for those who seek out a life under the wide open sky rather than remaining bottled up in some town or city.  A ranger might sometimes settle down briefly as a rancher or farmhand, moving on between seasons, or might play the role of a hunter who visits the town or city from her shack to sell meat to the butchers.  While the ranger has some magical abilities and shares the role of outdoorsman with the Guardian, in truth it is their ability with a bow and on the back of a mount is what particularly separates them from others.  None can reach the same degree of expertise with a bow as a ranger.

Path of the Thief

Some people are drawn to the Path of the Thief even if they aren't actually doing anything illegal.  It might be that they use stealth, guile and a knowledge of the mystical security systems of the world quite legally to plumb the depths of dungeons, rescue stolen artefacts or test defenses to see if a nobleman's protections are good enough.  Even an archaeologist has been gathering the secrets of ancient ruins and gathering up the relics for a museum may end up on the Path of the Thief as their need to detect and deal with magical traps hones their senses.  Then there are, of course, those who get their hands on other people's valuables and do it with passion and flair.  These people are never just muggers.  They're people who painstakingly plan out their thefts or who ad lib daring deeds to do what they can do.

Path of the Moon

While one would assume that those who come to the Path of the Moon would be those seeking dominion over all this is rarely the case.  A witch could be a midwife desperate to aid the birth of the women in her care, a baker who has always sought to understand the mystical secrets behind the world around them, or the son of a family of witches who has been trained in the esoteric arts from his earliest days.  Sometimes it is a particular personality trait - a piece of whimsy, an interest in the sky at night, or a funny way of looking at the world - that causes them to drift onto this path of magical spells that can be cast without recourse to ritual and ritae.

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