Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An Old Flashpoint Newspaper Article

As my husband had his wisdom teeth out late last night there wasn't a Pathfinder game so there isn't a Pathfinder game Actual Play.  Still I'll put out a Flashpoint post by sharing with you a newspaper article I made after they kidnapped Hallik Dromage right back at the start of the campaign.  I've also included a few other articles from that newspaper which I produced as a prop for my players.  To be honest, I made the articles a bit tongue-and-cheek and in reality the editors of this newspaper might have been strung up for some of their articles but there you go.

REWARD for Missing Dromage Scion

During the hurricane that rocked Westcrown, the heir to the eminent Dromage family, Hallik (19), went missing at the same time as a corpse of an Okeno slaver was discovered in the restaurant. Duxotar Iltus Mhartis has reported that the last known whereabouts of Hallik Dromage is in a Westcrown restaurant called The Uncanny Delight, owned by Mellarius Romage, who fled the city after the Hellknights seized his assets after revelations of tax evasion.

Staff at the Uncanny Delight report that several patrons, including long-term friend of Mellarius, the tiefling known as Lhye, slew the Okeno slaver and kidnapped Hallik Dromage after anger at losing a game of dominoes. 

Casarus Vitallain, the harbormaster added: “There are rumors of an Andoren ship docking in the Imperial Marina during the hurricane. Maybe they got involved?” 

Lictor Richemar Almansor, commander of Citadel Rivad, and leader of the Order of the Rack Hellknights had this to say: “It’s quite unlikely that any Andorens have kidnapped the heir. It is more likely that one of the tiefling crime gangs, such as the Bastards of Erebus, are involved. We are confident that a ransom will be given soon.” 

Vassindio Dromage, the patriarch of House Dromage, requests any and all information on Hallik Dromage and is offering a substantial reward of up to 1000 gold pieces for the safe return of Hallik and an additional 100 gold pieces for each conspirator involved. 

 Come to Westcrown 

With a cosmopolitan 114,700 people living within the city walls, Westcrown remains a vibrant location despite the many migrations to other places that has plagued it over the years. It’s location ensures its place as a major commercial trade hub, an important military post, and a major port on the western Inner Sea. Boats laden with food or slaves anchor at the floating marinas and ferry their goods to the city’s many markets. 

Trade exports from Westcrown include sea salt, seafood, sun pearls, timber, sailcloth, textiles, wool, wine, olives, herbs, unique crimson pottery, and quality ships. The city’s many religious sites continue to draw the pious, the curious, and the devious. The ruins of the northern city draw interest among those looking for illegal goods or rare treasures from the dangerous rubble. Once the sun sets, strange creatures beset the streets, ensuring plenty of diversions for the curious and the thrill seekers. 

 Migrate to Westcrown today! 


Chelaxians are invited to offer their praise to other gods as well, so long as they abide by a few strictures: First, they must not speak against Asmodeus, nor against his priestly hierarchy or followers. They must not speak against the aristocracy, nor encourage dissent. They must abide by the laws of Cheliax. 

They must live quietly, and avoid drawing attention to themselves. Finally, the ranking priests of the faith must register themselves, and keep records of all priests within the country. Other rules exist, naturally, but they can be easily read and understood from any amount of time spend reading the legislature in the halls of power. 

Priests of Abadar act as judges in remote villages and towns. Erastil’s worship is strong near the Barrowood and Whisper Woods. 

Iomedae, who was originally Chelaxian, enjoys a remarkable popularity among the people of the north and east, and many of the Hellknights there venerate her above all others. Sarenrae’s worshipers are rare but welcome, for Asmodeans have not forgotten her work in imprisoning Rovagug. 

Some faiths, however, are forbidden upon pain of torture and execution. These include the worship of any god of chaos or any demon or devil other than Asmodeus. So long as you remember these few rules, you should be fine. 


“Life is slavery, but it is life. It is existence, it is survival. The flesh is punished, taxed, and made strong.” The Kuthite Creed. 

“To maintain an ordered society we need laws. To persuade people to obey those laws, we need punishments.”  Anonymous

“Ignore the sword at a man’s side; watch for the dagger concealed in his sleeve.” Anonymous 

 “For Hell itself is now a Chelish sword, our ascendancy is assured.” Queen Abrogail I

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