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Fantasy Race: Aasimar

Campaign World: Fianyarr.

Nicknames: Sweetlings, holytouched, angelics.

Origins: There are otherwordly creatures who are sweet, compassionate and gentle with the children of the First.  Such creatures sometimes save and protect small communities and have even fallen in love with individuals and spent the mortals' lifetime by their side.  There are many tales of such beings and though they can all look quite different their offspring with the children of the First look rather similar.

Appearance: No matter the appearance of their supernatural parent, the offspring are all winged children with strangely coloured eyes, gentle voices and silky soft skin.  Sometimes the aasimar may show other signs that are more specific to their parents but such signs are often quite subtle.  An aasimar's hair can also maintain and grow into rather strange hair styles (think anime hairstyles).

Demeanor:The aasimar feel their conscience and passions quite keenly and this can lead to either a lifetime of kindness or cruelty, depending on their circumstances.  One thing is for sure, no aasimar manages to live a normal life as they must reconcile their passions by helping the innocent or scourging the world of cruelty.  This often puts them into the path of danger as they often draw the attention of authorities for good or kill.  Most aasimar find a way to cope with their boundless levels of empathy and compassion.  Those that don't often become terrors indeed as they seek to solve the world's suffering by killing everyone on it.

Relations with other races: Other races often find aasimar to be a mixed blessing.  The realisation that one has been born into a community is often a cause for joy (presuming it wasn't the result of a cheating spouse), however, aasimars not only have a need to be needed but they feel the pain of others quite keenly.  This can make them quite outspoken in telling people when they are being mean, callous, or closed-minded.  Naturally this can make them vocal reminders of other people's flaws though they can also be a great friend in a pitch.  Due to this they are often trusted members of a community whose words carry a lot of weight though the societies that surround them often try to protect them from the harsher truths of their community.

In crueler lands, aasimars are killed at birth due to their perceived risk to the social order as their keen sense of right and wrong can drive them to start a rebellion.  Such governments often cite the admittedly rare but very high profile cautionary tales of aasimar who decided to save the world through tyranny, genocide or destruction.

Weakness: When the player is choosing an aasimar's virtue they should determine what aspect of that virtue is most important to their character.  As an example, an aasimar with the virtue of Hope might have subsets of children, widows, lost dreams, or the depressed.  When an aasimar is confronted with an issue that tugs on their particular subset of virtue they must either act upon it or spend a Willpower point.  If they are out of Willpower, they lose nothing by refusing to act (though the temptation to act is doubtless greater).

Racial Abilities

Attribute Bonus: +1 to either Stamina or Resolve.

An aasimar can spend a point of glamour to glide through the air for up to a minute per point of Wyrd at their normal Speed though they may not exceed their carrying capacity of Strength x 25lbs total while they do so.  Whenever an aasimar falls they take a point of damage from every 15 yards fallen rather then every 10 (Changeling Windwing Kith: core book page 103).

Peacemaker's Stance
Sometimes an aasimar finds it beneficial to be able to talk to someone who is trying to strike them without punching back as, naturally, people tend to listen even less when you're in the process of bloodying their nose.  An aasimar may triple their defense when making a Dodge action (Changeling Skitterskulk Kith: core book page 102).

Peace from Suffering
The aasimar can spend a point of Glamour to prevent anyone from suffering any wound penalties within a 15 yard diameter for a single scene. (Changeling Di-cang Kith: Winter Masques page 108).

Kiss of Life
An aasimar can provide a little protection to someone, much as their otherworldly parent may do, by kissing a target and spending a point of Glamour to grant that target a +2 armor bonus (+3 if the target is prepubescent) for a single scene.  This can be done once a day.  This bonus stacks with existing armor (Changeling Weisse Frau Kith: Winter Masques page 109).

Racially Restricted Merit
(****) Disenchanting Kiss: Once per adventure an aasimar can spend a willpower point and kiss a person to allow them to make a second re-roll against any one kind of enchantment or compulsion effect.

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