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Fianyarr: 15 Common Relics

What fantasy world is complete without magic items?
These relics were designed for use in the Fianyarr campaign world but that doesn't mean you can't work them into a regular World of Darkness campaign though you may need to update them to sow the seeds of horror as these ones are of a more fantastical variety and thus don't have much in the way of drawbacks.  All Common Relics can be picked up by anyone but don't make the mistake of thinking that these are somehow common in Fianyarr.  Every magical item should feel like something special.

All relics require the expenditure of a point of glamour to activate them and some also require a Wyrd + Skill roll that will be listed in their description.  Unless otherwise specified, the activation roll is reflexive and the effect lasts for a 24 hour period.  The tells listed are just examples and the Storyteller can feel free to mix and match them or invent their own.  Remember, though, that while relics can be bought at character creation with creations dots, they are generally given out as free rewards or provided at certain vendors at the Storyteller's discretion and therefore if players wish to obtain one of these they need to follow the legends same as everyone else.  On the plus side, players don't need to expend experience when they do get their hands on such relics.

One Dot Relics

Flashbang Arrows
When this arrow strikes a target here is a loud sound (generally a thunderclap though different arrows use different sounds) that forces the struck individual to make a Wits + Resolve roll or be stunned and inflicted with a -2 penaly to their next action.  If the arrow can be found and retrieved from the body then it can be reused.  Tell: The arrow pulsates with a soft luminescence when activated with a point of glamour.

Stunning Arrow
This one shot arrow does damage as normal but it also sends out a jolt of electricity that requires the person struck to make a Stamina + Resolve action (difficulty is the same number of successes as the damage dealt) to avoid dropping any held item. If the arrow can be found and retrieved from the body then it can be reused.  Tell: Those who touch the arrow head experience their hair standing on end even when it has not yet been activated. 

Allweather Clothing 
This is normally a shawl, cloak or coat and provides an additional +1 bonus to all checks made to survive inclement weather.  The wearer only needs to spend a point of glamour once per month to activate it.  Tell: The fabric has a symbol for weather sewn into it somewhere and always feels comfortably warm to the touch.

Two Dot Relics

Steady Horseshoes 
These horseshoes, when activated, allow the mount to ignore up to two points of environmental penalties from the make up of the ground (i.e. snow, slick roads, scree).  If the mount wouldn't normally wear horseshoes then it could be a bridle or a saddle.  This item can't be used with other items labelled 'horseshoes'.   Tell: The horseshoes seem encrusted with slow or glistening with fluid.

Cloak of Everwarmth OR Cloak of Evercool
The character is immune to effects caused by either the heat or the cold while the cloak is active for a number of hours equal to successes made on a Wyrd + Survival roll.  While temperature extremes still feel unpleasant they won't cause either penalties or damage.  Tell: The cloak seems to feel either warm or cool to the touch in spite of the weather so even an Evercool Cloak that has sat out in the sun for several hours will feel cool to the touch.

Stability Boots
These boots prevent a character from being stunned or knocked prone for a number of turns equal to successes gained on a Wyrd + Athletics roll.  Tell: The first step a person takes after putting on the boots seems to stick to the dirt a little.

Three Dot Relics

Bruiseless Bracelet / Bracer
This pair of bracelets or bracers allows a person to ignore any bashing damage caused during a number of rounds equal to the successes gained on a Wyrd + Survival roll.  Tell: This relic is engraved with the alchemical symbols of wood, metal and stone.

Cup of Sustenance: Adventurers often have to spend a lot of time away from home and during their various marches they've found it far more enjoyable to eat, or drink, whenever they like.  This cup can be used thrice per day to provide a gobletful (approximately 2lbs) of food or drink that can be warm, cold, and of whatever flavor preferred.  It can even taste and smell like alcohol although it can't reproduce any alcoholic effect.  The food produced is quite nutritious as well.  Tell: An everchanging scent of food and drink emanates from the cup.

Hedgespun Cloak of Protection: This cloak provides a +1 bonus to the character's Initiative, +1 Defense and the character's Speed triples for a number of rounds equal to successes on a Wyrd + Athletics roll.  However, it's easy to overshoot and therefore you take a -1 penalty on all physical actions (other than running).  Tell: The cloak often has a shimmer, glow, or other mystical effect - such as flapping dramatically in a nonexistence breeze.

Four Dot Relics

Ghost Slayer Weapon 
This weapon is capable of striking incorporeal creatures (ie hiding in twilight).  No matter what the size or type of the weapon it always deals 2L against incorporeal creatures though it may do more or less against physical targets according to its weapon type (i.e. greataxe).  This can be applied to a weapon with a smear of blood across the weapon and the expenditure of a point of glamour.  If applied to a ranged weapon it will allow ammunition fired from it to hit creatures or objects in twilight.  This lasts for a scene.  Tell: The weapon seems slightly translucent when activated.

Medallion of Vitality
The medallion allows the wearer to exchange one or more Physical Attribute dots to heal themselves or any person who is touching the medallion.  The Physical Attributes heal after 24 hours.  A single dot exchanged in this way can heal all bashing damage or three points of lethal damage.  Two dots of Physical Attributes exchanged can heal one point of aggravated damage.  Each dot sacrificed takes a single turn.  Tell: The medallion seems to reflect the light oddly and always has a greenish sheen.

Grappleslick Armor
This armor can be activated with a Wyrd + Brawl roll once per day to render the wearer immune to grappling attempts as their body seems to flex and worm out of the grip.  This lasts for a number of rounds equal to successes.  The armor also provides regular benefits due to a mundane armor of its type.  Tell: The armor seems to flex a little more with the person's movement and though this doesn't assist a person in wearing it, it can be a little disconcerting.

Five Dot Relics

Flaming Sword
Fire is often just the thing for removing supernatural (and, in truth, mundane) creatures from this world. Anyone struck with this sword (or, in truth, whatever weapon it is built into) takes an additional two lethal damage on a successful attack and is at risk of being set on fire (see the immolation rules in World of Darkness core rulebook).  This damage is aggravated against creatures who are allergic to fire though this doesn't affect the weapon's regular damage which remains lethal.  Tell: The sword has golden runes carved along a blade of red-tinged steel.

Bane Weapon
Every Bane weapon has a specified type of enemy (spirit, ghost, swamp monsters, corporeal undead) against whom it deals aggravated damage though it functions normally against every other race and species, dealing only lethal damage.   Tell:The sword has sigils about the type of enemy and the enemy creature's banes carved along its blade.

Slashproof Armor
This armor rebuffs any lethal attack that doesn't specifically target an exposed or weak part of the body (and there always must be at least one place as large as a hand left undefended even in full plate armor) and not only renders the wearer immune to bashing damage but also downgrades all lethal damage to bashing.  This armor works for a number of rounds equal to successes.  Tell: The armor has a particularly intricate and beautiful crest in the center of the chest.

Variable Dot Relics

(* to ***) Speedy HorseshoesEvery point of this merit purchased provides an additional +1 to the Speed of any mount that wears these horseshoes (or bridle or saddle) upon their hooves.  This item can't be used with other items labelled 'horseshoes'.   Tell:This relic has sigils for speed carved along its side.

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