Saturday, December 28, 2013

Arrival: Punching the Powerhouse

Gipontel took her with him through a portal doorway to the side of the Abyssally tainted warehouse (which wasn't too far away) and pressed his hand to the wall, collapsing it in on itself and hopefully disrupting the Abyssal energies contained within. Or at least burying them. Nico took it all in her stride though the demonstration of his sheer destructive might made her recall the novelisations of Supernatural she had read and their depictions of angels. It looked like she had her own form of Castiel. Albeit a little more seemingly mentally unstable, judging by his strangely affable and friendly nature.

The conversation continued about her being Shaitan and she told him that he had no proof of this so wasn't it a bit crazy to buy into it?

So Gipontel started rattling off syllables of great power that seemed to resound to Nico's very bones. These syllables seemed to be the very summary of her essence and so, naturally, she whipped out her gun and accused him of trying to cast a spell on her. She wasn't too sure what she expected to achieve with a gun since the safety would doubtless be on the moment she thumbed it off, but he stopped talking so it worked. He then told her three syllables of his own True Name and left it at that - proving his contentment with his assumptions. Nico simply chalked it up to a spell cast by a crazy person who wanted to believe so much he even lied to himself.

Nico asked Gipontel about others like him and whether there was anyone of his kind at the university. After all, she was apparently a demon anyway. Gipontel he explained that there was, in fact, a Fallen at the university and that his name was Uzra. Naturally he also invoked the Fallen's name so the guy at least had a head's up. And yes, that Uzra was Dr. Alvin Gruber.

Well, boy did Nico feel vindicated!

Naturally once Gipontel left, Nico made herself look like herself again and made a beeline for the university where she met with a rather despondent looking Gruber. She tried to toy with him a bit about the information she had on the protective dragon of the place but he cut through her crap by telling her that he knew that she knew. He demanded to know what she was planning to do about it. Naturally Nico hadn't thought that far ahead. At the very least she knew she wouldn't win a bout of fisticuffs with him.

Nico pointed out that she hadn't tried to kill Stix or the Baccanal guy and therefore Uzra wasn't top of her list anyway. Yeah, she's great at winning friends and influencing people.

Unfortunately for her, she had managed to step on all of his triggers but not in an anger-inducing way. Uzra is an interesting sort of Fallen. A deviant who seeks to validate himself through seducing those who disdain him. So he goes to kiss her again. She pulls back (more amused than offended) and zaps herself with the transformation wand so that she became a man. Uzra seemed thoroughly bemused by this. He obviously didn't swing both ways. But he used his own magic to force her to shift back to female and resumed kissing her. So she pulled away and rejoined the others (who were in another room at this point) and asked if she could stash some stuff here before they went on another run.

Uzra took that to mean that she was planning to stay afterwards but Nico brushed off his assumptions. Once she had cleared out their bags of anything nonvital - keeping the bag of dildoes as marketable items for her home community - Uzra reached out to shake her hand goodbye. As she took his hand, he used his magic powers to zap her nerves into gear - throwing her into a powerful orgasm that dropped her from her feet. Lore of Flesh has some interesting applications when you really think about it.

Jack, naturally, charged him after seeing Nico fall. Both hatchets were out as he swung for Uzra's head. Uzra stepped back and caught them both by the haft with superhuman strength. Jack tried to wrench them away. Johnny and Rochelle stood back confused. Nico dragged herself back up to her feet, punched Uzra in the face for a few bashing and walked out, followed by the others.

She was naturally both offended, angry, (horny) and creeped out.

That night she massively flirted with Johnny in a mates-but-kinda-not way and when he made a move (the ever so charming and subtle hand on the thigh), she had Rochelle take her watch so she could take Johnny into a back room. Before they got at it, she made Johnny promise to sleep with other people too because she wasn't after any exclusivity or even expectation of more. Johnny happily accepted that bargain. And then, well ... you can guess.

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