Sunday, December 8, 2013

Arrival: Straight Talk

Gipontel granted Nico's request to be dropped off on a particular street not far from Styx's warehouse. He did so, and the moment the portal closed, she ran over to Styx and sold her silver sword for something to protect against scrying.

Her gave her a ... tinfoil hat empowered by the desperate belief of a schizophrenic.

Hmm, not the most stylish of accessories but, hey, beggars can't be choosers.

She put it on and headed East in the vain hopes of being able to escape the Stranger's attentions.

She hoped to cross the river (that hopefully had been made more shallow by all the sand) to get out of Brooklyn via that great big old island and then onto the mainland to begin her journey toward Texas. She figured she couldn’t stay here with an almighty demon keeping an eye on her.

She decided to call herself Odessa for awhile to make it harder for folks to find her.

Why Odessa?

Well, she felt cunning like Odysseus for getting out of his grips.

She shouldn’t have been so prideful.

She didn't get too far when a creature swept through the air above her to attack Warehouse 13. The monster had a long sinuous body with broad rips and a rounded maw and it began sucking a human stuck on the streets up into his mouth. A gunshot distracted it from its prey and turned it towards her. She managed to shoot it through its vacuum belly several times, causing its suction to weaken by the time it reached her to the point where it couldn't suck her into its maw. Finally it slumped to the ground in front of Warehouse 13 – a monstrous carcass for them to sort out.

She headed back to the victim and grabbed a few pool cues and some fabric from inside the brothel so she could set his broken arms and leg. She got people to bring the victim inside and then she set out again.

Only to find that after a few hours the roads started looping back on itself, dropping her off by Warehouse 13 again and again. It seemed that space itself was twisted before her. On her third try to get loose, she ran smack bang into Johnny Starr who had found the journey back surprisingly quick and easy. Someone was messing with them. Someone who had probably been a principal of a certain school....

When they returned to Warehouse 13 for a drink they found Jack and a rather shaken Rochelle sitting at the bar. Nico requested free drinks and board for the night from Alyssa and, considering she had just downed a monster assaulting the place, was given them. Nico was a handy person to have around, after all.

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