Monday, December 2, 2013

Horrors: Guns & Equipments

At present I've been focusing on the weapons and equipment list in my Horrors on the Home Front book. It's a bit of an interesting thing to do as part of the trouble is figuring out just what sort of equipment players might need to know about alongside just how many different guns players might need stats for. Most of the other weapons are easily resolved using my new-fangled weapons chart (where each weapon's damage is dependent on both the weapon and the character's skill with that weapon) but firearms require information on clip capacity, base range, and methods of reloading, among other things. It also helps to add some historical accuracy by knowing how a person might pick up a particular gun.

In the equipment list, I have a few different considerations. One is that while people know what technologies are available today, there's far less understanding of what might be available in the late thirties and early forties. Another consideration involves all those relatively useful items that you don't realise you need until you're standing right in front of the problem without it. Finally there are some pieces of equipment that can simply help the Game Warden determine what people should likely have on them - or which provide neat world building opportunities - such as There's a bundle of technologies that the average player / Game Warden wouldn't know were available in that era and I want to make sure they can easily spot the ones that were.

I'm also including a few other handy bits and pieces that are just plain interesting - like the badge which Catholics wore which told people to fetch a Catholic priest for last rites if they were badly injured in a bombing raid.

If you know any tech that might be handy for players to know about, or particular weapons you feel really need to be included, please mention them in the comments box below.

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