Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Musings on Masks: Episode 05

EPISODE SUMMARY (Sedated): Wherein James Paterson attempts to follow the abusive attendant while sedated when the attendant steals away with a heavily drugged Jack Frost.

EASTER EGGS: I didn't research the effects of thirties sedatives on a person's mind and body so I just guessed my way through it.  Did you notice?

I was also naughty and uploaded the audio file attached to this article on Sunday as I knew I wouldn't have access to what I needed today to do it.

ADVENTURE LAYOUT: I really had no idea how James would win this one.  I figured that he'd end up either lost or stuck in the room with Jack Frost, having his feet placed in lead boxes, and then having to wait until his next major interview to be able to report what happened to him.

Luckily James managed to think up some strategies that still made sense to a sedated mind and didn't rely too much of reflexes.  I was quite surprised and happy to see him make a success of such a difficult and early stages mission.

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