Monday, December 23, 2013

Horrors: Pictures

Since it's Christmas week I'm going to do a short post. It's really hard to find pictures for roleplaying games. Oddly enough I've heard you can commission artwork for $25 to $100 a pop and yet to license a photograph that could be purchased by dozens of different folks dozens of times it costs much more than that. I understand that photographers deserve their money, too. It's just odd that a custom picture would cost so much less than a photograph that would be relevant to a multitude of folks.

I've also tried looking for the odd Public Domain photograph and found that they're not normally in the Public Domain anymore but are now owned by places like the Imperial War Museum. No such luck there.

I'm not yet at the artwork stage but even a brief look at the situation makes it seem to be the most complicated and annoying part of the process.

Ah well, when you're doing anything as big as creating your own roleplaying book you've got to expect to run into a number of annoying bits. This one, thus far, seems to be the most annoying bit to date and I haven't really started on it yet.

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  1. I suspect a lot of photos are out there and technically public domain, but hard to access. For example, a lot of city and regional archives have local history photos that could well be relevant, but very few have anything online. It might be worth looking at local history societies?