Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Musings on Masks: Episode 04

EPISODE SUMMARY (Pretence): Wherein James Paterson feigns schizophrenia in order to get close enough to speak to the other main survivor of the art gallery fire / collapse and to find a despicable abuser among the Colney Hatch staff.

EASTER EGGS: I didn't notice any here but let me know if you saw any.

ROLEPLAYING SCHIZOPHRENIA: It's difficult to try to roleplay a multitude of people suffering with shizophrenia so I largely focused on the kind of institutionalised dysfunctional behaviours that could occur in that kind of environment and mixed in some sedated thinking.

I had a much better idea about Jack Frost's mentality and really enjoyed the shifts in his thinking which occured quite naturally and separate from, yet related to, his hallucinations and delusions.  Trying to play someone who was both manipulative yet struggling with sedation was also a pretty fun exercise that tested me.

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