Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dystopic: Two kidnappings and some torture

Things got a lot more action-oriented on this side of the session.  While Nomad 6, Miami and Oxford discussed what they knew, Leningrad and London snuck off to kidnap the man who videotaped himself getting a head job -- who had a swastika tattoo.  They checked his social media and found that he had currently tweeted his location and food, as youths are wont to do.  They also found his name was Carl Durnin.

They found Carl inside a local McDonald's with a blonde, blue-eyed woman on his arm.  After about an hour they went out to his car and she kissed him on the cheek while he nonchalantly waved at her and drove off in his flash red car with pseudo-dubstep playing from the speakers.  When he stopped at the lights, Leningrad went over to his open car window and dragged him out.  Carl got loose so Leningrad bull rushed him through the open door of the van, leaping in with him and slamming the door shut.  After delivering a quick upper cut that ended with one of his wrist knives under Carl's throat, Carl got the idea and stayed still while Leningrad used London's handcuffs on him.

London then drove off.

The trio in the basement turned from their conversations to see Leningrad and London lead a blindfolded man down the stairs, still in cuffs.  They dropped him in a chair and explained that since they were going to torture him, the other three should go.  Oxford, Nomad 6 and Miami did so but they watched over the security cameras and used invocations to stay in contact with the duo to provide suggestions.

Of course, Nomad 6's critique that they should: "Start strong and go from there, just like hitting on a woman," caused Leningrad to cancel the invocation and keep it cancelled.

It turned out Carl didn't know much about anything.  He claimed he got the swastiki on a dare and that it was some kind of Sri Lankan good luck charm.  They didn't much believe that he wasn't involved in Nazi stuff but they did believe that he was a shit kicker who didn't know much.  He did tell them that if anyone would know it'd be Jeff Davies.  So Leningrad provided a "burner phone" (traceless mobile) for him to use to contact Jeff and set him up at an ambush.

Carl didn't know what to say since his voice was so strained with fear so he pretended he'd been chased by hispanics and blacks into the old school (which was the ambush site) and that he needed help.  The group weren't too happy with that, knowing Jeff would now come in force, but Carl did legitimately seem at a loss to cover up his fear in his voice so it seemed likely to be the best he could do rather than a trick.

They told Carl they'd let him go if he replaced himself with Jeff Davies, Oxford stuck a collar on his neck with an electronic beeper that he pretended was an explosive collar, and they stuck him in the van with Dallas to watch over him.  They then hightailed it to the school (same school as had the tyrant meeting in the exclusion zone) and set themselves up in a building.

Once they heard the cars approach, Oxford used Activate to slam locker doors in one of the halls to make it sound like there were hooligans inside.  Nomad 6 tried to use Lore of Frequency (custom lore) to enhance the sound but he Tormented it and the subsequent sound explosion tore the lockers off the walls.  The frat boys who'd gotten out of the car paused and one guy said, "What the...?"

Fearing the frat boys would be scared off, the group attacked them and managed to subdue Jeff Davies while scaring the others off.  They took Jeff to the van in a hood and knocked the other guy out.  Oxford set off the collar as they drove off so that the beeps increased in frequency and then ... the collar clicked and fell off.

They took a handcuffed Jeff down to the basement to try and interrogate him  but he cockily threatened them with his father who ran a PMC (Private Mercenary Corporation).  London did the thing you see in the movies and shot him in the leg.  One twitch of the finger that surprised even him.  What made it worse was the result ... the bullet nicked a major artery and the kid started bleeding out as well as fell unconscious.  Leningrad hurriedly dealt with the wound with Nomad 6's help.  He then sent the others from the room so it was just him and London.

Finally Jeff woke up again and they managed to wring out more information but the kid was defensive, cocky and angry the whole time.  When they started talking about a random summoning, he twigged that they were demons so London went the whole "evil demons" line and even threatened to chew through his spine before anyone could save him.  The guy seemed to accept that but protested summonings were the Order of Nine Angles' deal.  His group, the Karotechia, attempt to learn about the unseen world but aren't dumb enough to consort with demons like that.  He asked about the summoning ritual seen and, when it was described, he stated that it sounded like the pseudo-satanic claptrap the ONA are into.  He bragged that the Karotechia were far more powerful and would usher in the Fourth Reich where even those demons on this Earth would have to fall into line ... while the rest would be sent to hell.

London wasn't so sure that the Karotechia weren't involved in the summoning and kept trying to find out about the Thirteen summoners.  He pointed out that they found DNA samples in the safe one of which corresponded to the demon that got summoned.  Jeff stated that the samples were taken by whores of those of unusual genetic calibre - the mentally or physically superior - to preserve their DNA for the improvement of the race.  The order was handed down to his father from someone in New York.  He didn't know who.

Jeff maintained that his group didn't use the DNA for such a summoning but perhaps someone else did.  Perhaps someone else was also a member in ONA.  If they released him, Jeff vowed to find the one that did it and, if it turned out to be right, deliver information on the ONA to the demons.  London and Leningrad scoffed at that and demanded the name.  Jeff refused, reasoning that they would simply go through his frat boys one by one in their torture dungeon as they lacked the resources and the insider knowledge to do any detective work.

The fallen finally conceded, sedated him with chloroform and released Jeff someone in the city with a mobile phone number on him and a heal spell from Tokyo so he was uninjured.  And we left it there.

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