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Fianyarr Race: Djinn

See the pretty Djinn patterns?
(Dragon Age)
Campaign World: Fianyarr.

Nicknames: Flamesirens, Genies, Pyromaniacs.

Origins: The First People to this world visited many strange and exotic places but none visited the most dangerous locations as the Djinn who delved into the molten magma and dangerous depths of the burning world.  They felt the bridge being sundered and, realising the peril of their encroaching mortality, rushed for the surface.  They were lucky to make it out for the fire scorched their newly mortal forms as it did any other.  They fled the fires and the volcanoes and made their homes on the planes and foothills of such places.  Over time they moved onward and can often be found in almost any location in the world ... even the icy tundra ... though they tend to prefer warmed climates.

Appearance: The light of the flame that nearly claimed them still lights their skin in patterns as well as colours their bodies in reds, purples, oranges and bright pinks.  While the striking patterns appear luminescent they do not glow with their own internal light and thus a djinn can hide in the darkness like any other.  Djinn often have irises in flame-like colours and the 'whites' of their eyes are nearly always 'black'.  Sometimes they have horns though not always.

Demeanor: Ever since their forefathers and foremothers barely escaped the flame, they have been drenched in an adrenaline-fueled blast of hormones that leads them to wild displays of sincerely felt and often changing emotions.  They have found a way to cope with the inevitable issues such outbursts create by being incredibly forgiving - so long as they are convinced of the sincerity of the other person's intent.  This forgiveness can seem borderline saintly at times but it is only because the djinn embrace the future and live in the present.  Though they don't forget the past, with all its griefs and horrors, they don't let it claim them.

Rumors: Other races often find the djinn to be primitive and wild beings that can't be accepted in polite society and this often suits the djinn just fine who live better on the outskirts of such mixed communities anyway.  The people who surround such communities often take advantage of the djinn's better nature and then use their nature as an excuse for why they deserve mistreatment.  If the djinn were truly mistreated, they wouldn't forgive and wouldn't smile so readily, would they?  The violence that such mistreatment creates is also then used to justify holding them at arm's length.

In other lands, the djinn are fully integrated and the various members of the community find much to like in their honest and earnest expressions of emotion.  When you are with a djinn, it's hard not to feel their sadness and happiness as though it were your own and many groups court them as lovers, entertainers, and even simply as visitors to their festivals and celebrations.

Racial Abilities

Attribute Bonus: +1 to either Presence or Wits.

Weakness: Djinn are emotional and passionate creatures prone to wild outbursts and fiery connections.  Due to this, they suffer a -2 penalty in any situation that requires tact and gentle politeness for extended periods of time.  They may spend a Willpower point to negate this penalty if the situation (i.e. a funeral or a visit to the Queen) is significant enough.

Prismatic Heart
A djinn's heart is full of everchanging passions and they can use this to their own benefit by spending a point of glamour to gain a +2 bonus to resist emotional manipulation (including mystical manipulation) for a scene.  All empathy checks against the djinn also suffers a -1 penalty during this time (Changeling Polychromatic Kith: Winter Masques page 84).

The djinn can spend a glamour to glow with an otherworldly light across her patterns that causes everyone looking to have to roll Resolve + Composure or else suffer a -2 penalty to all actions during that scene or until the djinn ends the effect (or is out of sight) (Changeling Flamesiren Kith: Winter Masques page 83).

Tyranny of Ideas
There is just something so inspiring about being around a djinn that makes other people better at their own social skills.  A djinn can spend a glamour to give a mortal a +2 bonus to a single Expression, Persuasion, Socialize or Subterfuge roll (Changeling Muse Kith: Changeling the Lost page 114).

Bright One
A djinn can use their innate ability to light up an area approximately the size of a smallish room with a soft and gentle light equivalent to candle light for a scene.  If the djinn spends a glamour, this light can become blinding and anyone who is trying to target the djinn must take a -2 penalty to hit her as though she were partially concealed (Changeling Bright Ones Kith: Changeling the Lost page 113).

Racially Restricted Merit
(* to ***) Mercantile Skills: Due to the amount of time that many djinn spend travelling or simply bartering for goods, it really isn't hard for them to get credentials as a genuine merchant at the various blackmarket or otherworldly markets around Fianyarr.  The djinn's ranking in this merit is added as a bonus to any rolls specifically related to your area of trade in and around marketplaces.

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