Friday, July 12, 2013

Fianyarr Class: Brawler

(Castlevania: Lord of Shadows)
Campaign World: Fianyarr.

Purpose: Not everyone relies on bladed weapons.  Some rely on their own fists and their fury to win in combats with their enemies.  Still there is often a certain fear factor that comes hand in hand with being able to tear someone apart with your bare hands and the people around you are generally well aware of that possibility.  Nothing prevents a brawler from picking up a weapon and using it well.  Its just that their focus on brawl makes it more difficult for them to specialise in such weapons and learn a fighting style.

They might have fought in gladiatorial matches or served leaders who believed in bringing the enemy in alive.  There are few people who make better bounty hunters as they are most likely going to be able to take down those they fight without killing them.  These brawlers are highly skilled at landing massive amounts of damage and surviving the same though they are often less inclined to the path of death and devastation than fighters.

Blessings of the Warrior

Mighty Grip: Brawlers are sometimes required to put their muscles to non-violent uses and have found the ability to spend Glamour to increase their non-combat Strength rolls on a one-for-one basis.  This increase in Strength only lasts for a single round.  Changeling Earthbones kith: core rulebook page 109.

Booming Voice: There's just something about a powerful figure who can break you in two with his bare hands that makes you want to listen and listen good - even when he's full of smiles, friendliness and humility.  It almost makes you feel grateful he's in a good mood.  A brawler can spend a point of Glamour to add half their Strength to all Manipulation rolls, rounded up, against a single target for a scene.  Changeling Troll kith: Winter Masques page 110.

Render: A brawler can spend a point of glamour to ignore up to three points of Durability when attacking objects with their bare hands.  Changeling Render kith: Winter Masques page 91.

Giant Among Men: Brawlers can increase in size by spending a point of Glamour.  If they do so, they can become truly large and tower above all others.  When the brawler spends that point of Glamour, they add half their Wyrd to their Size, rounded down (which also affects health and speed).  This lasts for a single scene or until the Brawler spends a point of Glamour to end it.  Upon returning to their normal size, the brawler takes 1 lethal damage. Changeling Gargantuan kith: core rulebook page 118.

Class Restricted Mechanics

Restricted Class Merits: Charmed Life (**), Combat Awareness (**), Danger Sense (**), Demolisher (* to ***), Entering Strike (**), Equipped Grappling (**), Feral Mien (***), Ground & Pound (**), Heavy Hands (*), Lethal Mien (**), Predator's Gaze (**), Rigid Mask (**), Strong Back (*), and Quick Healer (****), Weapon to Empty Hands (**).

Fighting Style: Armored Fighting (** or ****), Aggressive Striking (* to *****), Aikido (* to *****), Berserker (* to *****), Brute Force (* to ****), Evasive Striking (* to *****), Filipino Martial Arts (* to ****), Frenzied Assault (* to *****), Grappling (* to *****), Gladiatorial (* to ****), Judo (* to *****), Krav Maga (* to *****),  MAC (* to *****), Mauy Thai (* to *****), Police Tactics (* to ***), Qinna (* to *****).

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