Friday, July 19, 2013

Fianyarr Class: Exorcist

To Kill or Not To Kill ... That is the only question.
(The Witcher)
Campaign World: Fianyarr.

Purpose: There are many strange and terrible things that plague their world: demons, ghosts, spirits and other monsters.  Exorcists are among those people who have dedicated their lives to preventing the terrors lurking outside the village walls from claiming the lives of all of those inside.  They care little for political ramifications or national borders in their drive to remove the horrors form the world and keep people safe.

Many Exorcists have deeply personal reasons for following their highly dangerous and risky careers, especially as there are better ways to earn money or attract attention.  Exorcists tend to take jobs that are likely to kill them for very little in the way of reward simply for the chance to save lives.  This tends to make them legendary personages but the trail of angry monsters who somehow survived to seek revenge often makes people want to avoid having an exorcist stay long for fear that the vengeance will land on them.

Blessings of the Ivory Cause

Corpsegrinder: Exorcists have so much experience cutting down monsters that they know how to use a characters' injuries against them.  An exorcist gains a +1 to any attack rolls when the enemy is at half health.  Their skill at quickly despatching undead creatures also grants them a +1 against the undead as well.  These benefits don't stack.  Changeling Corpsegrinder Kith: Winter Masques page 90.

Icy Demeanour: The exorcist needs to keep their secrets close to their chest to keep their quarry from fleeing as well as needing to frighten people into avoiding fights where necessary.  The exorcist gains a 9 again on Subterfuge rolls to hide their feelings or feign ignorance and can spend Glamour in order to reroll any failed Intimidation rolls.  Changeling Snowskin Kith: core rulebook page 110.

Threatening Dedication:: An exorcist's dedication grants them half their Wyrd (rounded down) as a bonus to both Intimidate and Subterfuge.  Changeling Shadowsoul Kith: Winter Masques page 84.

Strong willed:: Once per scene the exorcist can spend a point of Glamour to re-roll a single Stamina, Resolve or Composure roll.  This doesn't work for derangements.  Changeling Treasured Kith: Winter Masques page 85.

Class Restricted Mechanics

Restricted Class Merits: Dream Visions (***), Emotional Detachment (*), Eye for the Strange (**), Higher Calling (*), Indomitable (* to *****), Lucid Dreamer (*), Master Exorcist (**), Mythologist (***), Psychic Resistance (* to ***), Rigid Mask (**), Saintly (***), Spirit Ear (****), Supernatural Lore (* to *****), The Weapon at Hand (**), Unseen Sense - Any One (***).

Psychic Powers: Death Sight (****), Ghost Calling (***), Psychometry (***) or (****), Pyrokinetic Immunity - Ignore prerequisite (** or ****).

Rituals: Countermagic (**) or (****), See Spirits (**), Visionary Trance (** or ****), Warding (***).

Fighting Style: Armored Fighting (** to ****), Chain Weapons (* to ****), Dream Combat (* to *****), Kung Fu (* to *****), Langschwert (* to *****).

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