Friday, July 26, 2013

Fianyarr Class: Fighter

Campaign World: Fianyarr.

Purpose: Fighters are always in need whether as part of a nation's army, a caravan's guards, a company's protection, or a VIP's bodyguard.  In a place where criminals can escape with relative ease and most people rely on violence rather than the legal mechanisms, fighters can get a lot of contracts.  Some fighters are employed in more mundane professions after wars called them onto the fields as soldiers or naval personnel only to fling them back into their old lives once the war is done.

While not as effective off the beaten track, some fighters also make a point of teaming up with people with more specialised training to get their jobs done. After all, a fighter in the wilds hunting down a bounty is far more effective with a ranger or a druid just as a fighter trying to protect a city as part of the local militia can find their job made a lot easier with a witch, bard or rogue.

Blessing of the Soldier

Levinquick: A good soldier knows that Speed (to close the distance) and Initiative (to strike first) are both essential elements of any good battle plan.  A fighter can spend a point of Glamour to gain a +2 bonus to their Speed and Initiative for a number of turns equal to their Wyrd.  Changeling Levinquick kith: Winter Masques page 79.

Staunch Defender:
 Fighters are paid to stand their ground, not to run and hide (unless their orders specify otherwise).  All fighters have learned to take that command to heart and thus can spend a point of Glamour to gain a +1 bonus to their Stamina (doesn't affect Health levels), Resolve or Composure for a single scene.  Changeling Metalflesh kith: Winter Masques page 79.

Skilled Commander: A fighter quickly learns that assisting an ally is just as important as helping themselves.  This knowledge allows them to spend a point of Glamour to grant an ally a +3 bonus on a single die roll. Changeling Truefriend kith: Winter Masques page 67.

Fighting Style: All fighters have proficiency in at least one type of weapon and thus gain a free specialty in the Weaponry skill.  The fighter can also spend a point of Glamour to ignore durability when attempting to damage the structure.  This lasts for a single attack.  Changeling Daitya kith: Winter Masques page 109.

Class Restricted Mechanics

Restricted Class Merits: Combat Awareness (**), Danger Sense (**), Emotional Detachment (*), Fae Mount (* to ***), Indomitable (* to *****), Le Parkour (* to *****), Shield-Bearer (*), Small Unit Tactics (***), Strong Back (*), Student of the Blade (*), Stunt Rider (***), Tolerance for Biology (*), Trained Observer (* to ***), Weapon at Hand (**), Weapon to Empty Hands (**).

Fighting Style: Armored Fighting (** or ****), Aikido (* to *****), Chain Weapons (* to ****), Evasive Striking (* to *****), Fencing (* to ****), Formation Tactics (* to ***), Iaido (* to *****), Kendo (* to ****), Krav Maga (* to *****), Langschwert (* to *****), Shurikenjutsu (* to ****), Sojutsu (* to ****), Spetsnaz Knife Fighting (* to ****), Sword & Shield (* to *****), Swarm Tactics (* to **), Two-Weapon Fighting (* to *****).

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