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Fianyarr: The Changed

Curses can make folk so pretty ... like this Wet Ghoul.
(The Witcher)
 The world of Fianyarr is a place of transformation where adventurers and important people step up to complete incredible tasks that will leave them forever changed.  Sometimes, too, changes are wrought on a more physical level whether by alchemical experimentation, strange plants or terrible curses that turns people, often irrevocably, into something else.  These are the Changed.

Wet Ghoul

The wet ghoul results when alchmemical experiments upon Nixie corpses try and fail to resurrect them, leaving bizarre deformities and an overwhelming desire to cannibalise the dead in place of the usual personality.  Such beasts also aim to convert the living by dragging them down into the watery depths and breathing polluted air into their lungs while the victim struggles not to drown. Wet ghouls create small communities that behave similarly to stereotypical rats, investigating threats, fighting for food, and otherwise appearing to be beasts. These are not, contrary to popular opinion, undead for they are actually something quite different. A sentient gas created by the alchemists flows through their veins and can sicken those who cut them at a melee range.

Attributes: Intelligence Negligible, Wits 3, Resolve 2, Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3, Presence 2, Manipulation 1, Composure 2
Skills: Athletics 1 (Swim), Brawl 2, Survival 3
Willpower: 4
Initiative: 5
Defense: 3
Speed: 11
Size: 5
Type Damage Dice Pool
Bite 1 (L) 5
Health: 8

Alchemical Gas: When dealt lethal damage the wet ghoul releases an alchemical gas that causes a -2 penalty to everyone within a 5 yard radius that fails a Stamina + Composure roll.

The Seeded

There are certain bushes deep within the jungles of Fianyarr that create seed pods which drift upon the wind by way of sparkling filaments. These seed pods stir to life when drifting past sentient beings, drawn by the essence of Wyrd, and then drag themselves on the breezes with their whirling filaments toward such individuals, grappling with them to try to implant themselves into their victim's spinal column.  Those wearing thick clothing and neck protection are thus immune to implantation.

Once implanted, the person becomes mindlessly violent, territorial and ageless as it carefully tends to the various new seeds produced by the pods. After decades such individuals can gain some level of mindfulness and may even begin to use basic humanoid communications. After a century of existence, the seeded regain the host's skills and slowly form new communities among themselves.  They are indistinguishable from mortals of their host race, except for green skin and luminscent mould-like patterns across patches of their skin. At this point they are no more dangerous than any other creature, until after a millenia of growth, the new sets of plants are ready to burst forth seed pods that stretch out across the lands and convert still more humanoids into mindlessness.

The Seeds
Health 4, Size 1
Implant: 4 dice opposed by victim's Strength + Stamina to pull away.

The Seeded
Same statistics as the host character though Intelligence is negligible for the first century.  After this point the Seeded gains the Intelligence and mental / social skills of the host and may gain further Intelligence by spending experience points.  They regenerate health levels at a rate of 1 bashing damage every minute, 1 lethal damage every hour and 1 aggravated damage every week.

Animal Transformation

Some people are unlucky enough to enter the wrong area, insult the wrong demonic, or pick up a cursed item that will leave them turned into an animal and left to roam the wilderness.  Such victims often lose their memories over time though some aren't so lucky and remain intelligent and sentient creatures even as they learn to adapt to their new existence.  Some such creatures are then forced to serve the one that curse them through the use of specially prepared bronze collars that compel obedience toward the maker.  Their physical attributes are turned into that of an animal while the rest of their characteristics remain unchanged.  If a resistance roll is required to apply such a curse involves a Wyrd versus Wyrd roll.

The Bestial Accursed

There are those among this world who have such powerful souls, or whose deaths are so terrible, that with their last dying wish they can lay a terrible curse upon their killer(s).  This curse twists the target into a hideous beast that desires only to destroy every last one of its loved ones, tribe or countrymen (the curse varies). For so long as this task lasts, the beast is immortal though not quite invincible.  Once this task is complete, if ever it is complete, the beast returns to its mortal form with all of its memories intact.  It has the cunning of a human though without any technical skill and thus must resort to monstrous tactics to overpower its enemy.  The curse involves an opposed Wyrd + Sin Level (which is Morality - level of the sin involved so a truly heinous act adds 9 dice while petty theft adds 3) versus Morality roll.

Strength: 8, Dexterity: 5, Stamina: 8, Intelligence: 2, Wits: 3, Resolve: 5, Presence: 4, Manipulation Negligible, Composure: 1.
Skills: Athletics: 4, Brawl: 5, Intimidation 3, Stealth: 4, Survival: 3.
Willpower: 6
Initiative: 6
Defense: 3
Speed: 21
Size: 8
Health: 16
Armor (thick hide): 3

Type Damage Dice Pool
Bite 2 (L) 15
Gore 1 (B) 14 plus Knockdown (requires the Accursed to charge, then opposed Strength + Brawl roll, loser falls prone)
Trample 2 (B) 15, only affects prone targets.

Once the creature begins a charge it takes two rounds to stop.  Therefore if a target is over 42 yards away and uses their turn to step aside or if their target comes early on the Initiative tree but suspends their action until the creature's turn in order to leap aside, then they have a chance to get out of the way and possibly cause the creature to slam into a wall and thus roll damage against itself (ignoring its own armor).  In order to be successful in this, the target must roll Dexterity + Athletics to spring out of the way. 

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