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Fianyarr Defenders

Dryads are (attractive) guardians of the wilds.
(The Witcher)
There are creatures in Fianyarr who are fantastic to have around.  Creatures which will risk life and limb to protect people or communities under their care.  Sometimes these are demonics who can be quite dangerous to outsiders as they won't always allow exceptions and some of them can become petty tyrants in their own way, but mostly they are angelics and a breath of fresh air for a community besieged by wandering monsters.

Dryads / Naiads

Dryads are built much like regular mortals and can even gain Paths which has made some wonder if they might not be what occurs when aasimars continuously breed with certain nature angelics until the children become something else entirely.  Dryads gain all of the benefits of the Yuki and Beastfolk while Naiads gain all the race benefits or the Yuki and Nixies.  They often protected natural places and can rebel violently against incursions that seek to irrevocably change the wilds though may sometimes befriend those who are willing to live with nature.  This is because their very lives are bound up in the creeks, rivers, sections of lakes, or glades they protect.  The easiest way to destroy them is to defile such locations which will cause them to sicken and die.  All Dryads and Naiads have at least Striking Looks 2 though some can reach Striking Looks 6.


These guardians enjoy the company of the sentient races and once it has found a settlement whose culture and customs pleases its sensibilities, it will settle down to watch over the location.  It might wait by the gates to see those coming and going (in which case markets often spring up by those gates) or by the communal fire in a small village or even in the palatial ballroom.  Once it has chosen a place, none can force it to move unless they battle it and as it brings protection with it few would dare.  While all sphinxes have the same basic attributes there is a variation in appearance. 

The generic Sphinx has the hindquarters of a lion, wings of a bird, and face of a woman. 

The Androsphinx is similar to the generic sphinx but has the face of a man. 

The Sharabha looks like a generic sphinx but gains the Peaceful Presence* special ability. 

The Nicolonia is part mortal and part eagle with a preference for guarding gateways and secret places, demanding unknown individuals answer riddles that are actually designed as passcodes or be either refused entrance or killed. 

The Narasimha has the body of a lion and head of a human being (no wings means no flight).

Manussiha have a special preference for positions where they can watch children play and are defensive of children - sometimes even rearing whole villages of orphaned children. 

The Norasingh is an upright walking entity with the lower body of a lion and the upper body of a human.  It protects certain routes to keep them safe from violent criminals and thus doesn't bother thieves or highwaymen who never shed blood as the Norasingh sees little value in nonessential property.  The only thefts they care about are those that could end in death - such as stealing blankets in a cold climate or water in a hot one.

Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 4, Strength 4 - 8, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3, Presence 4, Manipulation 4, Composure 5
Skills: Athletics 1 (Swim), Brawl 2, Survival 3
Willpower: 9
Initiative: 9
Defense: 4
Speed: Varies, Fly Speed is 1.5x walking speed.
Size: 8 - 22
Armor: 4
Health: Varies
Type Damage Dice Pool
Bite 2 (L) Varies
Swipe 1 (B) Varies

Sharabha Special Ability: Those who wish to do violence in its presence (within 100 yards diameter) must succeed in a contested Wyrd + Presence roll for each round of violent action.

Yaksha (male) / Yakshini (female)

These benevolent spirits protect glades that contain powerful relics and will often only give up their treasure to those who prove their skill and purity of heart with a vital quest.  Sometimes if the area around the relic is besieged by cruel spirits and temptations, simply reaching this point is enough.  They are generally found in natural areas.  Both the male and female versions have exaggerated masculine and feminine forms though the Yaksha generally  look like exaggerations of old men while the Yakshini tend to appear more nubile.  They are compelled to assist those with pure hearts (Morality 7 or higher) or those who have great need and good intentions.

Power 3, Finesse 5, Resistance 7, Size 5, Initiative: 8, Defence: 5, Health 12, Rank 3, Essence 20.  Numina: Materialise, Gauntlet Breach, Fetter, Commune, Choir, Clothe the Form (once materialised a Yaksha or Yakshini can go one step further and spend an essence to become wholly physical for a single scene).

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