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Set of 20 Common Fantasy Equipment

Just make sure your inventory isn't so large
you need a horse and a cottage to hold it.
The World of Darkness is a world of equipment modifiers though its rare in my experience for Storytellers to remember to use them or players to remember to invoke them.  To make it a little easier for Fianyarr campaigns I made a list of 50 pieces of equipment that would work nicely in an adventurer's saddlebags or in her backpack.  After all, venturing out into the wild without so much as a change of socks isn't exactly very pleasing.  Many of these pieces of equipment could work in a mundane Jazz Age or Medieval era as well.  A few of the concepts have been borrowed from Pathfinder (wonderful game!) though the rules are naturally for the World of Darkness.

Alchemist Kit
This kit contains an alembic, mortar and pestle, and other such items that provide between a +1 to a +5 bonus on occult or science checks to make alchemical ingredients depending upon the dots purchased in this merit.  Each dot bought in this merit also increases the Size of the kit by 1 from Size 2 to Size 6.

Area Map
These detailed maps show the local geographic area and provide a +1 bonus to navigate or recognise landmarks in the local area.  Each map covers a different area.

This well-made backpack perfectly settles equipment across the back for ready access.  A PC's Carrying Capacity is treated as though she had an additional Strength when she uses this well-made pack.  Naturally this won't assist attempts to give piggyback rides.

Barbed Vest
This vest contains this leather flaps containing hundreds of tiny little hooks that hurts anyone trying to grapple you (or whom your grappling) for an automatic one bashing damage due to the tiny lacerations.

Bracelet & Anklet Bells
These bracelets and anklets are strung with bells which allows a dance routine to make an interesting dance all the more enjoyable and these can provide an additional +2 to expression rolls made to perform certain dance routines.

Butterfly Net
Useful for collectors and those who need to use butterfly wings to make certain alchemical concoctions.  This can be a fun one to require knights and other martial characters to grab for quests related to important ingredients or even collector's items.  This negates the -4 penalty a PC will take for trying to grab a butterfly with their bare hands without damaging it.

Camouflage Netting
This netting is coloured according to the location and when used in such a location to cover or conceal a person or object it grants a +3 bonus to attempts to hide such a thing.  As its coloration is vitally important to its purpose if you try to use it outside of the right terrain it'll actually net you a -3 penalty as it stands out.

Cartographer's Tools
These pencils, paint brushes, sheaths of paper, rulers, inkwells and sand for blotting the ink are useful for those who are attempting to map hitherto unknown regions.  This can also do quite well in a pinch when caught in a labyrinth or moving through a mountain range.

Chemistry Lab
This kit contains scientific apparatus that provide between a +1 to a +5 bonus on craftst or science checks to make mundane chemicals depending upon the dots purchased in this merit.  Each dot bought in this merit also increases the Size of the kit by 1 from Size 2 to Size 6.

Chirurgeon's Kit
It contains bandages, tourniquets, small bottle of strong brandy, smelling salts vials, scalpel, tweezers, needle and thread.  It provides a +1 bonus to all medicine checks and a +3 bonus to any emergency first aid rolls when a character is filled up with lethal damage and is bleeding out into aggravated damage.

Echo Shell
This shell is perfectly designed to allow a person to project their voices over great distances without distorting the voice - as though they were simply speaking.  It is roughly equivalent to a microphone.

Gear Maintenance Kit 
Fighters have a lot of gear that needs to be kept in good repair.  This kit contains metal polish, leather paring knife, small file, conditioning oil, soft cloths, extra leather straps, needle and thread, as well as a few buttons.

Glass Cutter
A device with a sharp wheel at one end a bulb on the other.  You need to use the wheel to score the glass and then tap the glass with the bulb to actually break the glass - with a successful Crafts check the glass can be broken quietly.
Musical Instruments
There are a variety of instruments available for use in Fianyarr from lutes, pan pipes, ocarinas, flutes, rattles, tambourines, violins, drums and organs.
Poison Pill Ring
This ring has a hidden catch beneath the gem that allows a person to surreptitiously lift the edge and drop either a pill or powder.  While the pill ring is a bit fiddly to use (-2 on Larceny checks) it also provides a -2 penalty on other people's attempts to spot its use opposed to the user's stealth check.  If other people aren't actively watching your hands, they take a -5 penalty instead.

Portable Altar
This box's lid lifts up and stores candles, books, incense, cloths and oil in an easy to use manner.  Once the items have been retrieved, the lid can be replaced to form the top of this altar.

Signal Horn / Whistle 
This instrument can be heard from long distances and is often used for an attack.

Snorkels allow a person to breathe in air without breaking the surface of the water which is helpful when searching the riverbeds or when simply trying to stay hidden below water.
These sheets of music contain a tried-and-tested song that provides a +1 bonus to performance rolls made to perform a particular style of music - especially when it comes to one that is meant to draw forth emotion by mundane means.

This tent can't support much in the way of snow or stand up to gale-force winds but it will keep the rain off you and provide a bit of a barrier to most cold windy nights.

Winter Blanket
This blanket provides a +3 bonus to attempts to survive a cold and miserable night though this benefit is lost if it becomes soaking wet.  If another person shares the blanket and is either nude or in their underclothes then it grants a +5 bonus (+2 bonus if soaking wet).

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