Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Character Traits Part 2

Following on last week's Character Traits part 1 we have...

Poor Impulse Control
When you want to do something you tend to just do it.  It’s not that the consequences don’t bother you, it’s just that you don’t often give yourself time to think of those consequences.

Anger Management Issues
You’ve learned that the best way to manage your anger is to simply vent it and then escalate it to whatever levels are necessary to cow your enemies.  You might never be physically violent, at least with the majority of people you meet with, but you’re certainly willing to give them a piece of your mind and that might even turn to a screaming match.

Delicate Sensibilities
You just don’t react to stress well.  While other people might put on a brave front, you’re likely to get very distressed and try to avoid the whole situation.  You’re unlikely to cope with gore or getting dirty very well although, of course, everyone has their weaknesses and strengths.  You might be quite capable of conducting an autopsy but just can’t stand anything that seems remotely erotic.  

Emotionally Stunted
You just don’t feel very much.  Or at least, you don’t know what to label your feelings and therefore don’t know what they mean.  Sometimes you feel bad (Angry?  Sad?  Nauseas?).  Other times you feel good (Happy?  In Love?  Relief?).  Since you don’t know what you’re feeling you find it hard to deal with those feelings as you don’t know what caused them or how you can re-create them or make them go away.

You have a tendency to talk about your life to everyone you meet.  You might know better than to explain that you were attacked by some sort of spiny monster the other day, but that won’t stop you from mentioning that you’ve met a black marketeer or that two of your team members are getting up to things that their spouses wouldn’t like.

Bone Idle
Nothing’s worth doing that isn’t worth getting someone else to do it.  Sure, you’ll get involved with the cases and go along with the others.  You may even be very enthusiastic when it comes to investigation and survival, but there’s a lot of other things you’re likely to avoid ... like chores.

You just don’t understand the need to scrimp and save and use only what you need.  Instead you burn more petrol than is necessary, you eat more than you have rations, and you otherwise throw out what you probably should have saved.

Religious Blinkers
You hold a religion near and dear to your heart to such an extent that you re-interpret everything you deal with to fit that particular framework.  For example, a Christian might label all monsters as demons and all humans with magical abilities as witches who have signed their souls over to the Devil.  While such a person may still adapt their reactions to monsters who don’t seem to care about supposed ways to ward them off, their first reaction to a monster might still be prayer and holy water.

You have come to deal with the dangers of coincidence and luck by forming a few superstitions to help you get through the night.  Perhaps you believe your plane will crash if you don’t have your lucky rabbit’s foot or you think that someone’s idle comment will come truth if they don’t knock wood.  Being prevented from fulfilling your superstition will make you feel quite agitated as though it is now guaranteed to happen.

You just can’t help but see the bright side of life and while this generally leads you to live a happier and more fulfilling life it can land you in trouble.  You might assume that an air raid won’t happen tonight because your beloved is on leave, but that doesn’t mean it won’t.

In Love
You’ve been lucky enough to fall madly in love with someone but, unfortunately for everyone else, that same person is so frequently on your thoughts that you sometimes prove a little distracted.  You’re also prone to telling other people all about your loved one and that can get a bit irritating.

You can’t stand being bored so you quickly learned that you could explore fantastic wonderlands inside of your own head.  Unfortunately, attention turned inward is attention that isn’t being focused on the world around you so when you’re daydreaming – which is whenever you have nothing else to do and sometimes when there’s dull things you ought to be doing – you’re too distracted to notice things.

Select a phobia from the list in the Insanity section however you have a mild version of this and do not have to roll to deal with it if circumstances persist.  However, you will do what you can to avoid it if it is unnecessary.  For example, an arachnophobic housewife who won’t deal with spiders if they can help it but can, and have, killed the odd spider they find if there’s no one else to do it.

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