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Fianyarr Class: Ranger

(Dragon Age)
Campaign World:Fianyarr.

Purpose: The wilderness is every bit as dangerous as the cities but it is dangerous for a different reason.  The predators that roam the forests and plains are rarely descended from the First and when something goes wrong there may be no one else around to save you.  Poisonous creatures, dangerous weather, natural hazards and predatory beasts all lurk out there and it requires a certain amount of training and experience to truly be at home in the wilderness.

Rangers are paid to be guides through the wilderness, trackers of thieves or wardens of the roads.  While farmers and other rural individuals may know the areas surrounding their properties, a ranger makes it their purpose to know the area for many miles around.  They also pay keen attention to travelers so that they can learn something of the wilderness beyond even their own experiences so that they will be ready if someday they may need to go there.

Blessings of the Wild

Keen Sense of Smell: While most of the races of the First have the best eyesight rangers are well aware of the importance of a good sense of smell.  Rangers gain a +2 bonus to scent and may also spend a point of glamour to have a sense of smell equivalent to that of a dog.  Changeling Cleareyes Kith: Winter Masques page 67.

Goblins Tongue: A ranger can spend Glamour to add a +3 bonus on all social rolls with magical beasts.  Changeling Chimera Kith: Winter Masques page 106.

Scavengers Nature: Rangers must learn to subsist on what they have as the wilderness isn't always friendly enough to offer good food.  A ranger gains a +2 bonus to resist poison and disease (even magical poisons and disease) which becomes a +3 bonus if they have ingested the poison or source of disease.   Changeling Roteater Kith: Winter Masques page 67.

Cautious Hunter: Rangers gain a +2 bonus Survival rolls to track or trap prey and can spend a point of Glamour to re-roll a Survival check.  They must take the result of the second roll.  Changeling Farwalker Kith: core rulebook page 118.

Class Restricted Mechanics

Restricted Class Merits: Ambidextrous (***), Animal Companion (* to *****), Direction Sense (*), +Eye for Tracks (***), Fae Mount (* to ***), Feral Mien (***), Friend of Beasts (* to **), Hedgebeast Companion (* to ***), Gunslinger - can be used with a light crossbow (****), Make Do (* to ***), Outdoorsman (**), Savage Kenning - Specify (***), Stunt Rider (***), +Trackless Step (***), Trained Observer (* to ***).

Psychic Powers: Animal Empathy (** or ****), Animal Rapport (*** or ****), Biokinesis (* to *****), Cryokinesis (* to *****), Dowsing (*), Pyrokinesis (* to *****), Pyrokinetic Immunity (** or ****), Thermokinesis (* to *****).

Fighting Style: Armored Fighting (** or ****), Archery (* to ****), Sojutsu (* to ****), Two-Weapon Fighting (* to *****).

Eye For Tracks (***): Rangers have a nifty ability to notice tracks and can re-rolled a failed Perception check to spot tracks nearby.  Not only this, but they may make an Intelligence + Survival roll to guess at the shape, habits, and behaviors of a species from its print even if they haven't seen one before.  They get one hint for every success and one false hint for every 1 that comes up on the dice.  These false hints won't be life threatening errors but may be of interest.

Trackless Step (***): Some rangers have a knack for making his tracks impossible for anyone who isn't an expert to find.  Attempts to locate the rangers' tracks are impossible unless the tracker uses supernatural means, scent or Eye for Tracks, in which case opposed rolls are made between the two characters' Wits + Survival.

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