Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Flashpoint: Clearing the Dungeon

Proteus awoke feeling absolutely dreadful for his sociopathic enjoyment of certain events the night beforehand and he found that the pool he had slept in now contained flower petals. While the others drank some of Archer’s tea and discussed recent events (including assisting the actress in coming to terms with the dungeon she had been drawn inside), Proteus apologised to Lhye for smacking him when he interrupted the lusty encounter with the succubus. Proteus then noticed the smell of a rare flower, both pretty yet masculine, which led him out into the dungeon. The scent seemed to be coming from the ceiling but there was no reason for it.

Lhye followed Proteus out but he thought the scent was coming from Proteus himself. He could also feel a static charge moving like a curtain back and forth across his skin. He tried to concentrate to determine what the source might be and instead felt a sound like a dead god’s final scream. Yet the dead god’s voice sounded feminine ... who could that be? He also noticed when he glanced into the floating cat’s eyes that there was a spark that passed between them. This agathion is actually his new familiar! And it comes complete with a host of nice new spells.

Lhye spoke to the others through the still open doorway into the magic house and discussed what he had noticed. He figured it might have to do with the goddess of revolution had been worshipped by the vampiress they had been meant to deliver to the Aspis Consortium as well as a stylized image noted on the chestplate of Lavender Lil’s wife. That goddess was meant to sort of rise and be discarded according to need, could it be here?

Proteus countered with the idea that it might be the ancient and long-dead mother goddess of Dou-bral and Shelyn and he explained the mythos of Doubral, his father, sister and mother. He also had a sudden burst of inspiration surrounding metaphysics that could be used to create a conduit to whichever god is watching them. While Proteus couldn’t design the ritual, Lunjun surely could.

Lunjun required a little assistance from Lhye’s planar knowledge but seemed to mostly have it right on his own. Lunjun quickly figured out they needed the water from that shrine fountain Proteus stole, fur from a good entity, shards of a mirror to the Shadow Plane, and the temporary (month-long) sacrifice of internal essence (two points of a stat – player’s choice) from four people, an evil creature of unnature (succubus), good creature of nature (nymph) and an innocent virgin (actress).

Everyone was flabbergasted that the actress could be a virgin.

Lhye was grateful he had convinced the succubus she was a vengeance demon. Her madness might help him convince her to join in with the ritual and assist.

Archer wasn’t too sure about doing the ritual at all.

The ritual would use the power of this transdimensional pocket in such a way that it’s power source would be banished to its home plane and the pocket would dissipate in the usual way and land everyone in safety. It was the only way to disarm it nicely without destroying everybody. Of course, the Ghawwas had to be defeated first or else it would land among the citizens and cause a lot of pain.

They set forth to take out the Ghawwas, and mostly accomplished it through a number of enervation and strength draining rays courtesy of Lhye and Lunjun, followed by an epic critical hit by Archer, some strength draining poison from one of Proteus’ summons, and a whole lot of the succubus making it waste its rounds doing stupid things due to Suggestion.

It was at that point that I realised how cheesy at will Suggestion spells can be. I’m sure one of them would have died (Lunjun almost did but had some hefty heals put on him) if it weren’t for those Suggestion spells.

Afterwards, the succubus tried to seduce Archer (who brushed her off) before succeeding with Lhye (who felt dirty afterwards – an impressive feat for a whore from a Calistrian temple). The nymph cleansed the water while all of that was going on and Proteus (who wasn’t feeling very sexual anymore) slipped in and found a bunch of rubies hidden in the pool.

Afterward they all gathered together and followed the succubus as she showed them through the rest of the demi-plane to the final room which contained two chests. One had some scrolls, wizard’s spellbook (mostly with nasty or evil spells – all from Ultimate Magic), and other such things. The other had the Chelish Crux which everyone had a go at opening before Proteus succeeded on his second try through a series of fluke rolls.

The Chelish Crux contained an erinyes head (shrieking), two wands, four candles, and a booklet of information on the Delvehaven Pathfinder Society.

Now they had what they needed all they had to do was find the right place to cast the major ritual. The question was to do it here or at the place with the chain sphere. But that’s a question for the next session to resolve.

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