Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fianyarr Race: Yuki

(Sennen Makyo)
Campaign World: Fianyarr.
Nicknames: Icewife, snowheart, chilltouched.

Appearance: The Yuki-Onna have snow white skin, long straight black hair and slanted yellow eyes lined in a deeper orange.  Their hair seems to move slightly in an unfelt breeze.  Their bodies are willowy and graceful and even the men appear quite feminine with long and lean bodies and perpetually youthful faces.  The Yuki-Onna have no visible hair on the
ir limbs, chests, cheeks or chin.  They seem to move so gracefully that their feet don't seem to touch the ground.

Demeanor: The Yuki-Onna often seem somewhat ethereal even as he goes about the mundane world.  It isn't that they are anymore alien in thought or feeling.  Its simply the way their body language tends to move between sudden movements and slow languid graceful ones that give people that impression.  In personality they differ as do members of any other race.

Rumors: Other races regard the Yuki-Onna as ghostly individuals and some mistakenly think they have a close connection with the dead and the dearly departed.  As the Yuki-Onna in warmer lands tend to move about regularly, or settle as individuals far from other members of their race, most people's impression of the Yuki-Onna follow the assumption that the person they have met is a good representative of their race.  As with all peoples, this is rarely the case.

In other lands, colder lands, the Yuki-Onna form their settlements where others are welcome but politely kept from positions of great power.  It isn't that the Yuki-Onna necessarily look down on other races, simply that they prefer to do things the way they have always done them and subconsciously favor leaders from among their own race.  Perhaps this is because the Yuki-Onna so instinctively deplore liars and oathbreakers that they are more prone to trust others with the same perspective.

Racial Abilities

Attribute Bonus: +1 to either Intelligence or Dexterity.

Weakness: The Yuki-Onna take vows and promises all the more seriously and must make a Resolve + Composure to not immediately start plotting revenge against an oathbreaker.  Strangely enough they aren't as instinctively driven to punish those who have broken a pledge bound in the Wyrd.  When asked on the matter, they normally state that the Wyrd punishes its own and there is no need to twice punish a person.

Easy Generosity
The Yuki-Onna need to take what food they can and ensure it spreads as far as it can considering the difficulty in procuring food in the long, cold winters.  If a Yuki-Onna spends a point of Glamour they can touch raw meat (minimum one pound) and then use small pieces of it to feed a number of people equal to Wyrd score for up to 24 hours.  Such people feel satiated and have their nutritional needs met for the day (Changeling Pamarindo Kith: Winter Masques 110).

Whisperwisp: The Yuki-Onna need to know how to work together and they normally do this by getting to know each other quite well.  The Yuki-Onna can spend a point of Glamour to whisper a message to anyone who would be within earshot of a shout and to receive any whispered messages for a single minute.  Changeling Whisperwisp Kith: core rulebook page 118.

Warmth In The Cold: A Yuki-Onna may spend a point of Glamour to protect themselves or a target they have touched from all environmental effects from the cold for a scene.  To provide this to another they must show some sign of affection - a kiss or a hug.  Even without this expenditure they gain a +3 bonus to checks made to resist the cold.  Custom Changeling kith.

Easy Step: The Yuki-Onna may spend a point of Glamour to ignore all circumstance penalties from uneven floor, scree, slick floors or snow while walking for a scene.  During this scene they also leave no footsteps behind as their feet seem to hover a quarter inch above the ground as they walk.  Custom Changeling kith.

Racially Restricted Merit
(****) Spatial Awareness: The Yuki-Onna has perfect memory for where she has been and may always retrace her steps, no matter where she is, or how far she has traveled.  Her instincts are such that even if blindfolded and taken across the country she can find her way back (though in that case she can't find the exact route she took and will take another).

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