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Fianyarr Class: Guardians

Yuna (Yuna Final Fantasy X)
Campaign World: Fianyarr.

Purpose: The wilderness has its own needs and there are people of the various races who are chosen to fulfill those needs.  Such people may have been contacted by guardians of special locations, raised by beasts, or simply felt a call to protect the balance between the needs of the First's descendants and the needs of the world around them.  If the balance shifts too far in favor of the First's children, after all, the world itself will not be able to sustain itself and all will die.  Thus druids are the keepers of the wild places and though they sometimes struggle in vain, most will hear them out.

Guardians aren't simply there to prevent too much logging of a particular area (though they are the first to preach the values of wood farming) but also focus on ensuring that lake spirits aren't taunted, volcanoes tempted to erupt, Verges opened, or even the borderlands between the various areas from fraying.  If there is some terrible calamity waiting around the corner to be unleashed you can be sure that there are druids called to protect it.  For their service, they are assisted in their efforts by the wilds itself.

The Call: They know the end times in its hundred forms.  It could have been burned into their retinas during an ancient ceremony or experienced through terrible nightmares or simply passed down through oral traditions that they understand like no other.  Sometimes it is simply a knowledge as to which mountain should not be disturbed or which glade can't be cut down.  Some call the guardians naieve optimists or hopeless fools.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  Guardians know what's at stake.  They see the end times that could be upon us and know it for what it truly is.  Obliteration.  They smile because it hasn't happened yet and that provides them with a level of satisfaction that few can match.

Blessings of Nature's Protector

Heartsfriend: Even wild animals can often get a sense that the guardian's needs so often match its own.  A guardian can spend a point of glamour and look into a mundane bird or mammal's eyes to turn it into a loyal pet until the next sunrise or sundown.  Changeling Skogsra Kith: Winter Masques page 107.

Leap of the Faithful: Guardians have to traverse some dangerous terrain and sometimes the only way open is to take a leap of faith ... twice.  Those who are blessed in the way of the Protector not only can leap or jump as though they were Size 7 but they can also spend a point of glamour to forge the air into a temporary platform and jump again - thus giving them two rolls to either jump vertically or leap horizontally.  Custom Kith.

Survivalist: Guardians often spend their time in places that are inimical to their life and they often have to do it alone.  They may have 9-Again on all of their survival rolls to forage and may survive by eating any plant - even if it's bark - without risk of poisoning. Changeling Woodblood Kith: core rulebook page 123.

Wilderness Assistance: Guardians have such a strong connection to the wilds that the wilderness itself seems keen to hide them from their enemies.  Not only do they gain a 9-Again on Stealth rolls but the Guardian can also spend a point of glamour to hide in an area of foliage even if they would normally be plainly visible.  The guardian must still make a stealth roll as normal but they will take no penalties for their chosen position.  Changeling Woodwalker Kith: core rulebook page 110.

Class Restricted Mechanics

Restricted Class Merits: Animal Companion (* to ****), Architectural Attunement (****), Ephemereal Reckoning (** or ****), Friend of Beasts (* or **), Hedge Gate Sense (*), Hedge Companion (* to ***), Hobgoblin Trainer (**), Mystic Speech (Custom: +1 bonus to psychic powers and rituals when spoken) (*), Natural Immunity (*), Outdoorsman (**), Pleasing Aura (***), Savage Kenning (***), Spirit Ear (****), Strong Lungs (***), Unseen Sense - Spirits (***).

Psychic Powers: Animal Empathy (** or ****), Animal Possession (****), Animal Rapport (*** or *****), Biokinesis (* to *****), Plant Empathy (*), Psychic Healing (*** or *****).

Rituals: Evocation (Spirits) (** or ****), Invocation (Spirit) (** or ****), See Spirits (**), Visionary Trances (** or ****), Weather Control (****).

Fighting Style: Armored Fighting (** or ****), Iaido (* to *****).

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