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Fianyarr Class: Rogue

Campaign World: Fianyarr.

Purpose: Whenever there's anything worth protecting there's always been someone who makes it their life's work to steal it.  Not all rogues are terrible thieves out to make a few coins, but plenty are.  Others make their coin by testing a noble's security and traps, investigating criminals by breaking into their well-secured buildings, or even making a point to go into the darker places of the world to steal horrible relics or wondrous secrets to help keep everyone safe and alive.

Every race has their rogues as does every social class.  There are famous heirs of noble families who steal to cope with their dwindling wealth or for their own excitement and interest.  There are the paupers on the streets who have slowly come up in the world using their own skills and abilities.  There are also those trained by certain societies to delve into ancient ruins to discover its secrets (or to protect others who are more academically aware).

Blessings of the Thief

Tunnelslider: A rogue knows just how to infuse their limbs with Glamour to help get them through tight places.  In fact, they can spend 1 Glamour to either wriggle free of restraints or squeeze through a tight spot. Changeling Tunnelgrub kith: core rulebook page 106.

Shadowfriend: The rogue can spend a point of Glamour to gain a +2 bonus to their Defense while they lurk in the shadows.  Changeling Palewraith kith: Winter Masques page 72.

Romancer: Rogues can put out a slight mystical distortion with a single point of Glamour that causes everyone who sees her during a particular scene to remember her differently.  People take a -3 penalty to describe the rogue or her clothing.  This effect also extends to attempts to visually read a location.  The effect is permanent but only covers the time spent under the effects of this ability.  Changeling Romancer kith: Night Horrors: Grim Fears page 46.

Improvised Thievery: The rogue gain a +1 bonus to all Larceny rolls and can spend a point of glamour to ignore penalties for poor equipment when using Larceny or Stealth.  Changeling Lurkers kith: Victorian Lost page 22.

Class Restricted Mechanics

Restricted Class Merits: Cacophany Listener (*** or ****), +Conlang Stealth (****), Danger Sense (**), +Disable Lock (*), Fence (* to ***), Hidden Life (* to ***), Le Parkeur (* to *****), Market Sense (*), Unobtrusive (***), Perfect Stillness (*),  Relic Analyst (*), Social Chameleon (* to ***), Spelunking (* to *****), +Trap Reflexes (***), +Trap Senses (**).
Fighting Style: Armored Fighting (** or ****), Aikido (* to *****), Dirty Fighting (* to *****), Fencing (* to *****), Improvised Weaponry (* to ***), Krav Maga (* to *****), Qinna (* to *****), Shurikenjutsu (* to ****), Swarm Tactics (* to **), Spetsnaz Knife Fighting (* to ****).

Psychic Power: +Counterspell Trap (****), Psychic Illusions - ignore prerequisites (*****), Psychic Invisibility - ignore prerequisites (*****).

Conlang Stealth (****): Once per session a rogue can use gestures to provide a +2 bonus to their team's stealth checks so long as their team members can see them.

Disable Lock (*): Reflexively break a lock so long as you have a piece of appropriate equipment and can make a Dexterity + Larceny check.  If the door is open as you do this, the lock will be broken as you slam it closed.  If the door is unlocked, it can't be re-locked.  If the door is locked, it can't be unlocked.

Trap Reflexes (***): A rogue's reflexes are always on high alert which means that once per adventure a rogue can re-roll their own failed save when a trap is set off.  If they don't have a roll to get out of the way, the trap's damage is re-rolled.  They must take the result of the second roll.

Trap Senses (**): A rogue always looks twice for traps which means that once per adventure a rogue can re-roll their own failed save to notice a trap.  They must take the result of the second roll.

Counterspell Trap (****): Though rogues have no personal affinity with casting magic, some do have a certain psychic ability to actually counterspell a magical trap.  The rogue must roll a Presence + Occult roll and match successes against the traps' power.  If the rogue wins, the trap stops.

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