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Fianyarr race: Human

A male Human.
Campaign World: Fianyarr.

Nicknames: Traveller, Planeswalker, Warmonger.

Origins: Some of the First who came to this world settled upon the planes where they could see far and wide.  They thought they had plenty of time to go where the others had gone and instead turned their attentions to the land itself.  They turned their hands to seeding the soil and convinced animals to obey.  Once the bridge to the heavens were sundered, the First who would become humanity clothed themselves in human skins and traveled to the other groups of the First to learn their lessons and coordinate a method of survival upon this world.

Demeanor: Since humanity first turned to tools to survive, they lack much of the natural weaponry that other races can rely upon.  Due to this, humans have learned to be incredibly versatile and to find some way to benefit from the other races and animals that roam this world.  This leads to both some rather warlike behaviors and some of the most cunning and beautiful acts of diplomacy and kindness out of all of the races.

Rumors: Other races often consider humans to be emotional, cruel and capricious beings who are always on the verge of war if they feel in some way deprived or insecure.  Such a drive for dominance can only be countered by war and flat refusals to deal with them.  While one human may be reasonable, no society of their kind can be trusted.  Therefore it is best if their societies are pushed into the most dangerous areas where they must huddle inside their walls at night for fear of the monsters that prowl at their gates.

In other lands, humans have won dominance over the area and rule with either benevolence or the much feared cruelty.  In still other places, humanity live under the rule of other races or rule alongside them.  One way or another, they are so often important in smoothing relations between the other races and are often most respected in that role.

Racial Abilities

Attribute Bonus: +1 to either Intelligence or Resolve.

Weakness: Humans have a tendency to take up causes and believe absolutely in their way of viewing things.  While some can shake off those beliefs enough to continue their actions, these beliefs tend to be rather persistent.  The player must decide on their human's most intrinsic beliefs.  The character is treated as though they have an additional vice (Wrath) whenever those beliefs are attacked.  Though they regain no willpower points for succumbing to it, they must roll Resolve + Composure or spend a willpower point to avoid responding in some way either now or in the future.

Flickering Acumen
Humans have learned that they must think quickly to get by in this world.  Humans can spend glamour to increase a single Wits roll on a one-for-one basis.  This glamour must be spent in the same round as the Wits roll is made  (Changeling Fireheart Kith: core book page 109).

Blade Lore
Due to their lack of natural weaponry and the dangerous locations they find themselves in, all humans are trained from an early age in using blades to protect themselves.  The character gains a free Weaponry specialty with Bladed Weapons (Changeling Soldier Kith: core book page 122).

Perfect Protocol
Due to the risks inherent amongst such strong and innovative believers as well as humanity's desire to be the diplomatic lynchpins of the world, all humans gain a 9-again on Social rolls involving manners or etiquette and can spend a Glamour for a +2 bonus to a single Manipulation or Presence dice pool to smooth over ruffled feathers (Changeling Chatelaine Kith: Changeling the Lost page 121).

Team Player
Humans know that they must work together to survive and their early experiences at teamwork assist them later in life.  When a human is the primary actor in a teamwork roll, add +2 to their roll.  If they are the secondary actor, the human may forgo their roll to give the primary actor a 9-again on their roll (Changeling Playmate Kith: Night Horrors: Grim Fears page 122).

Racially Restricted Merit
(**) Zeal: Humans are a passionate race and some become quite good at verbally championing that cause.  Such people gain a +1 bonus to any social roll where the human's cause proves helpful to the social action.  The character may also substitute their Resolve for a lower attribute once per adventure.

 (**) Favoured Weapon: Humans draw feelings of safety and security from the weapons they keep on themselves especially after prolonged use keeps them alive.  A specific weapon must be picked when this merit is purchased and it must be one that the character has come to rely upon.  While this weapon is on the human's person, they may add +2 dice to Resolve + Composure rolls.

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