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Fianyarr Race: Nixie

The Female Nixie
(AndrAIa from ReBoot)

Campaign World:Fianyarr.

Nicknames: Sirens, Swamp Hags, Nymphs.

Origins: When the First walked upon the races some settled within the waters and proclaimed this place their own.  They delved deep within the seas, rivers, mangrove swamps and other beautiful underwater places and marvelled at what they saw there.  When the bridge between the heavens and the lands were sundered, the First within the waters were forced into their mortal shells and adapted to that realm.

Demeanor: Quick-witted and curious explorers, by nature, their people are a fierce and independent lot who admire cleverness above all else.  However, other than a powerful desire to explore the unknown and marvel at the beauties of the world, they are quite individualistic and each settlement has a culture and customs all their own.

Rumors: Other races often confuse the Nixies with the otherworldly beings that also make their homes in the waters.  These confusions and misunderstandings can lead to terrible and bloody wars that have led many Nixie communities to hide their land-based homes or pretend to be human while on land by veiling their hair in hoods or scarves and wearing long-sleeved clothing.

In other lands, the Nixies are courted as ideal wives and husbands with members of other communities seeking them out and either romancing them or stealing them, depending on the area.  Nixie communities will stop at nothing to return any stolen members and will grieve and rage until such individuals are returned.  If, however, a Nixie is seduced and freely leaves his home the Nixies regard the event as a happy one and bonds are strengthened with the successful spouse's family and community.

Racial Abilities

Attribute Bonus: +1 to either Wits or Manipulation.

Weakness: The Nixie must roll Resolve + Composure to avoid investigating an unknown situation once their curiosity has been piqued.  If they fail, they do not need to investigate the situation right away if to do so would be foolhardy but they do need to immediately start preparing for such an investigation.

Poisonous Bite
The Nixie may spend a point of Glamour to unsheath their venomous fangs.  This allows them to make a poisonous Brawling attack that deals no damage from the attack but does pack a poison whose Toxicity is equal to the Nixie's Wyrd (maximum 5; no save against the damage).  (Changeling Venombite Kith: core book page 102).

The Nixie can spend a point of Glamour to open their gills, close down their lungs and raise their fins so that they can breathe underwater and swim at twice their usual speed.  The Nixie cannot breathe air until another Glamour is spent to deactivate this ability and reactivate their lungs (Changeling Waterborn Kith: core book page 110).

River Maiden
The Nixie may spend a point of Glamour to have a voice so beautiful and distracting that it makes it difficult for listeners to use social rolls against those around them.  Those who can hear her voice have their social rolls penalised by half of the Nixie's Wyrd, rounded down (Changeling River Maiden Kith: Winter Masques page 107).

Water Dancer
The Nixie's lithe form allows them to gain a 9-Again on any Socialize or Expression rolls that involve agility as well as gain a +1 to Dodge (Changeling Dancer Kith: Chanteling the Lost 114).

Racially Restricted Merit
(****) Kiss of the Deep: The Nixie can provide a character with a burst of her own water breathing ability with a kiss to the lips and the expenditure of a point of glamour.  This allows the character so blessed to breathe water for minutes equal to the Nixie's Wyrd.

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